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Words Worth Weighing New Testament Gems to Encourage and Challenge the Twenty-first Century Christian von Wheaton, Rev. David (eBook)

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Words Worth Weighing

'Words Worth Weighing' is a very useful addition to the bookshelves of students of Theology, their professors, as well as to practising theologians, priests and academics in all spheres of study. Above all, this book is written to every Christian searching for a deeper understanding of the Bible. It provides great insight into some of the lessor known words in the original Greek language, their composition and the meaning behind them. Having had a distinguished career as an academic and Vicar, which concluded with an appointment as Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth the Second, the late David Wheaton was uniquely qualified to pen such a book.


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Words Worth Weighing

Chapter 2
Foot and mouth

The silo had been used as a larder but not for grain, but as Jack the Ripper's store. Harvesting the human organs and decapitated parts was perhaps intended for continued similar use! They surrounded his feet and surrounded his waist; with its initial flow drenching him in blood and entrails. Officer Raymond vomited everywhere at the horror of it all and he struggled to bring himself back to reality which lay just metres from him, quenching the arid ground of its ten-year-long thirst.

Oh, Dear God, what is the reasoning behind this? I just ... my God! ... He rotates and spins around, uncontrollably. He was falling under the spell of dizziness and further immersing himself into this "Plague of Egypt".

As the water ran red and tainted everything in its path, he struggled to pick himself up from the mutilation surrounding him and walked toward the outer fence. He was covered in blood which was turning his crisp white shirt to a pale crimson and leaving the stench of death on his collar. Flailing his arms, he attempted to shrug off the remains, only to further smear them across his clothing, as it was refusing to relinquish its hold upon him.

"Get off! Get off me!" shouted officer Raymond as he pulled at the severed organs, now encircling his neck, and cast them aside. Vomiting upon their sight and the stench.

"Officer, are you, all right?" somebody asked. "Oh my God what is that!" The families all scattered around him, they pulled him to his feet; standing in shock as disturbed looks gripped their being. Each one gazed upon the sight of human carcasses scattered as far as the eye could see. Whilst covering their mouths in disbelief at the shear atrocity of it all.

"Oh my God! What is ... how could this happen Officer?" Andrew Otterman gasped, while trying to find breath in his lungs without vomiting on himself.

"This is a huge quantity of murders Mr. Otterman," said Officer Raymond. "I have just found enough cause to reopen this case with all of your help. You see, not one of you is leaving until I get to the bottom of this. Firstly, how did this even happen? Secondly who could have done this? And thirdly why would someone do this?" Officer Raymond asks as though expecting clear-cut answers from the disoriented group.

"You think that anyone of us could have done this? My dear Officer how could anyone of us do this? You would need to be the sickest person on this earth to bear witness to this and not be fazed!" Jim Thamesbury declared, stating what officer Raymond was already aware of.

"None of you are above suspicion, and when I find out who did this, justice will be served, mark my words!" Raymond warned.

"Well, just don't be surprised if none of us are left on your list!" Mildred snarled.

"What is that supposed to mean Mrs Morrison?" Raymond asked.

"You examine those bodies and I will wager on your odds of finding any incriminating evidence to be second to none!" Mildred retorted.

"We will see. Until then, all of you, get into the barn we are going to have a little talk about this God Forsaken Farmland."

Officer Raymond withdrew his sidearm and ushered them through the waste, towards the open doors of the barn.

"Now, let's start at the beginning. Where were you all on the night in question, ten years ago? One at a time."

As each person gave their alibi, it became abundantly clear that no help would be offered to officer Raymond from any of these residents; maybe further afield it would be.

"Alright, you are all free to leave, but know that I will be investigating every last one of you, so, don't get any ideas of leaving any time s

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