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Complete Compost Gardening Guide Banner batches, grow heaps, comforter compost, and other amazing techniques for saving time and money, and producing the most flavorful, nutritous vegetables ever. von Martin, Deborah L. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.02.2008
  • Verlag: Storey Publishing, LLC
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Complete Compost Gardening Guide

Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin turn the compost bin upside down with their liberating system of keeping compost heaps right in the garden, rather than in some dark corner behind the garage. The compost and the plants live together from the beginning in a nourishing, organic environment. The authors' bountiful, compost-rich gardens require less digging, weeding, mulching, and even less planting. And here's one of the best parts no more backbreaking slogs from compost bin to garden. The authors even identify the plants that benefit most from compost and how the elements of a composted garden work together. A natural Six-Way Compost Gardening System provides the ruling principles for successfully improving every garden with healthy compost. Readers will learn how to: 1. Choose labor-saving sites that keep gardens and compost piles as close to one another as possible. 2. Work with the compostable riches produced at home. Every yard and kitchen produces plenty of material easily identified with at-a-glance charts for a great start. 3. Help composting critters do their work by balancing ingredients, adding high-nitrogen meals when needed, and keeping the compost moist. 4. Reuse recycling bin items, such as large plastic buckets and cardboard boxes, as composting equipment. 5. Keep diversity in the mix. The magic is in the variety of the components and how they work together to create gardeners gold. 6. Customize composting to suit specific garden needs, always concentrating first on soil care. Adhering to these guidelines, Pleasant and Martin bring readers on a thorough, informative tour of materials and innovative techniques, leading the way to an efficient and rewarding home gardening system. Their methods are sure to help gardeners turn average vegetable plots into rich incubators of healthy produce, bursting with fresh flavor, and flower beds into rich tapestries of bountiful blooms all season long.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 13.02.2008
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781603421836
    Verlag: Storey Publishing, LLC
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