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Forgiveness Reiki Hands-On Healing, Distance Healing and Prayer With Both Reiki & the Holy Spirit von Hecke, Michael S. Van (eBook)

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Forgiveness Reiki

Forgiveness Reiki is an entertaining narrative of the author's spiritual journey that includes instruction in both hands-on healing and forgiveness. This book includes attunements to Forgiveness Reiki and The Jesus Healing System. Both Christians and non-Christians alike will find much food for thought in the insights of this practitioner. The author explores how to utilize prayer and distance healing to expand the crown chakra and how this might impact society. He discusses Blessing when one does not know if healing is desired. He encourages Reiki practitioners to help shape the church of tomorrow. He also provides practical tools for Forgiveness Reiki practitioners such as JHS Forgiveness Prayers, the JHS Loving Emotions (healing symbols), and The Physical Manifestation of UnLove (a list of symptoms and conditions).


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Forgiveness Reiki

Forgiveness Is An Aspect of Love

The Crux of the Matter

Forgiveness Reiki is an intuitive practice; JHS has an intellectual foundation. At the heart of JHS is a trinity: love, discipleship and the forgiveness of our interpretations. JHS is the discipline of interpreting life as an act of love . JHS is the discipline of interpreting life as an act of love. Results are not guaranteed. At any time, practitioners can still choose to be fear-based. But on the other hand, those whom mentally and emotionally commit to the JHS process may greatly increase the possibility of experiencing profound transformation.

JHS Prayers of Assistance impact some more than others. That may mean being more aware of comments, innuendo in advertisements, emotional themes in songs, sensual stimuli, and memories. Depending on one's issues, certain prayers enable one to feel emotional or to experience physical sensations and/or mental fatigue. Don't be surprised by recalling people from long ago, noticing previously unrecognized associations, programming, or conditioning.

How will you interpret this?

Thoughts such as "I can't take this job any longer;" "My partner doesn't appreciate what I do;" or "I don't make enough money" typically indicate clearing of old issues and should not be the basis for life-changing decisions!

How will you interpret this?

Recognize that the forgiveness process includes releasing old thoughts and emotions. Observe yourself. Listen to yourself. Remember not to project what is being released onto those around you. Avoid acting impulsively, be patient, exercise, and get more sleep. Listen to soothing music. Drink lots of water.

Sometimes people new to JHS tell me they are feeling tired, overwhelmed with memories. My first question: did you give or receive a hands-on healing session afterwards? My second question: do you still believe that prayer is just superstition and doesn't mean anything... can you surrender your doubt and accept that something is happening as a result of prayer?

The first plateau of JHS discipleship: being honest and admitting prayer impacted you.

People tell you that life's tough and God's grace is just sermon-speak. But stop for a moment and reflect: you asked and prayed to forgive emotions, and now you are experiencing physical, mental, and emotional shifts. This is where you can either say "I bought this book and wow, something is definitely happening..." or "I feel so cranky. This isn't what I expected. Let's quit."

Don't quit! When you can step back and actually perceive the loving results of your prayers, you are making a huge spiritual leap forward. Some might even call it a miracle. Your prayers have not only been heard, they have been answered.

We all experience life. Perhaps we all need to ask ourselves "how do I judge?" "How do I interpret my/our experience?" The judgments determine our quality of life. If you expect life to be purple and life shows up orange, will you be disappointed? angry? delighted? grateful?

After my son died, I not only practiced JHS a great deal, but also Reiki. JHS produced many sensations, but Reiki felt better. This put me in an odd conflict as a Christian which led me to pray. Translated conversationally: "Jesus, this sucks. You have so been with me and I would not have survived this without you, but why doesn't JHS make me feel as good as Reiki?" That question remains a mystery, but a small quiet voice said something like "Ask me for Forgiveness Reiki." So I did and was blessed with the attunement. I'm grateful to be able to pray to forgive with both JHS and Forgiveness Reiki (I frequently follow JHS Prayers with Forg

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