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Intuition: Language of the Soul Book One von Kahn, Tyger (eBook)

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Intuition: Language of the Soul

Tyger's newly published book, Intuition: Language of the Soul, offers Kabbalistic insight into the world of intuition, prayer, and self discovery. This book transcends the typical notions of self perception whilst guiding the reader to a greater relationship with their soul.


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Intuition: Language of the Soul

CHAPTER ONE Reconciling Your Spiritual and Animal Souls I was driving with my loved one when I saw, through my window, a monkey in a building where animals were kept. We stopped in front of the building and I went inside. Many creatures of strange sizes and looks rushed to greet me. I sat down to play with them, when suddenly a large owl began biting me. When I asked it to stop, the owl turned into a beast with ginger fur, orange as flames, angry that he was kept in a cell while his brother, Man, roamed free... Main Misconceptions I often come across two common misconceptions: We are separate from G-d. We must sacrifice the desires of the body in order to be spiritual. Regarding the first misconception, my response is simple: how can we be separate from that which we derive? Is a cell separate from other cells-from the living organism of which it is a part? Is a star separate from a galaxy-within galaxy, within universe? What happens when a cell thinks it is independent from other cells? When it disregards its connection and goes rogue? It begins to function abnormally, becoming diseased and eventually destroying itself and the vehicle it feeds off. I liken this to the ego that believes it exists independently. Divinity is within; we are never separate from our Creator. Numerous individuals have overcome unbelievable hardships under the toughest conditions. When you speak with these impressive Souls or hear the interviews, the unifying thread is the strength of their faith and connection to the Divine. Regarding the second misconception: the erroneous belief that in order to be spiritual, one has to sacrifice the needs of the body. Not only is it impractical to ignore one aspect of ourselves, it even denies the reality of our existence. We have come to this world to balance and build our spiritual essence along with our physical bodies. There is no shortcut to achieving this balance if we are to function sustainably. Our lower and higher natures contain intense yearnings of opposing forces, creating a life-long internal struggle. The spiritual soul does not desire food or pleasure, but without these things our physical bodies cannot go on living. Likewise, without the spiritual soul, the animal soul finds no peace, no purpose to life. We all have a little bit of a beast within us, which becomes a problem when we do not exercise it through the right channels. We have a body that has inherent desires and needs. Our essence and purpose in life is to integrate our instinctive nature with our intrinsic holiness. The Struggle According to the Tanya, the core document in the study of Hassidic and Kabbalistic thought and a practical guide for living in service of the Almighty, this is the "life-long struggle between two cities." These 'cities' represent the two souls that live within us: the animal soul that on its own will always choose what feels pleasurable, even when it is poisonous, and our spirit, which only desires to go back to the Light. This duality also corresponds to raw and refined energy, with raw energy correlating with the animal soul and refined energy correlating with the Divine soul. Uniting these opposing natures only takes place here, in this world. When we die, the conflict is over: they separate and return to their place of origin-the body to the earth, and the spirit to a dimension we know as Heaven. Intuition creates a bridge between raw and refined energy, allowing your soul's duality to integrate. The physical aspect often receives more attention and energy (and rewarded by society for doing so). However, when the body commits an action that conflicts with its divine nature, our soul weeps. Though most of us cannot hear, we feel the pain in varying degrees. When you access your intuition, it en

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