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The Life-Significant Choice von Brown, Dee (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2014
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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The Life-Significant Choice

Discover the Life-Significant Choice! The words throughout this book re-emphasizes the life-principal that it is our everyday choices, not our major choices... that shapes the outcomes in our lives. This book will help you identify the reasons you are in the position you are in today, and offer you simple, but effective solutions to help you discover your potential. The Life-Significant Choice emphasizes that it is not our greater moments, but it is our daily activities that makes us who we are. Throughout this book, the author explains the reasoning behind the majority of our choices, the importance of making your own decisions, and how to maximize your 'everyday' while experiencing the benefits of discovering your Life-Significant Choice. Dee Brown is a native of Tampa, Florida, a graduate of Lynchburg College, and the author of four books. Dee also serves as an inspirational speaker, and is regarded as one of the influential personal development leaders today.


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The Life-Significant Choice


Every morning we wake up, each moment we hit that alarm clock, every new day in which we embark upon, we are surrounded by an abundance of options. We possess so many options that we often take them for granted. Our daily routines can leave us stuck in a mental "cruise control," navigating our lives for years. How many people do we know who get out of bed at the same time, drive to work the same way, and do the same after-hours activities... everyday?

We have come to call these patterns in our lives "routines," and when we become frustrated with our lives, we call these patterns falling into a "rut." Have you ever tried driving a different way to work, or choosing a new restaurant that is different from your normal list of choices? Do you ever wonder why we seem to remember those unscripted moments in life? It is the moments we choose to change that are the moments which stimulate our brains.

The truth is, we are surrounded by options all day, every day. The reality is we fail to take the time to recognize what options truly exist. An option is not an occurrence we make by accident. An option is not something we are forced to make whenever our backs are against the wall. An option is not a "thing" we exercise every now and then. An option is simply everyone's God given choice!

We fail to realize the endless opportunities we are blessed with because of one simple word and the freedom it possesses. We all have a choice! Unique, limitless, individual choices are there at our disposal every second, every minute, every hour of our lives. From the clothes we wear, to the people we associate with, the choice is ours to make, no matter how big or small. What school to attend? Which career path is best? What health choices are satisfying? Which religion to follow? What shoes to wear? Which hairstyle looks best? Going out versus staying in? Spend it or save it? What music to listen to? Keep it or trash it? Let us not forget the ALL-IMPORTANT choice... What do you want for dinner tonight?!

Everything is a choice... and choices are everything! "Choice" is defined in Webster's New World Dictionary as 1. The act of choosing; selection . 2. The right, power, or chance to choose . From the second definition, it states that a choice is a "right." This is a right that we all share. In reality, it is a right that we may all exercise. Many of us however, fail to realize the significance of choices, and how it relates to our lives.

How many times have you heard a person allege, "I did not have a choice?" More times than not, this statement is made after a disappointing situation has occurred in someone's life. "I did not have a choice," or "They left me no choice," has unfortunately become an unconscious belief in our society. The truth of the matter is, those same individuals who believe they have no choice, in many situations spend every day of their lives making choices. We make a hundred small choices a day while avoiding that one big, important choice, not realizing that those small choices have just as big of an impact on our lives as that one big important choice.

Truth is... whether you decide on which new car to purchase, or which television show to watch, every choice will affect your life, big or small. Understand that the big and small choices we make will ultimately yield the same results, the only difference lies in time! Our big choices often produce immediate results. The choice to purchase a flat-screen produces the satisfaction of family entertainment that very night. Our small choices always produce results later in life. The choice of dieting every day produces the satisfaction of weight loss six months later.

Whether we realize it or not, as adults we make meaningful decisions daily. In fact, one of

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