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THE LIQUID LIGHT OF HEALING Activating Your DNA for Ascension & Healing von Aeoliah (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.08.2011
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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This book is about becoming truly SOVEREIGN again, by fully potentializing your Oneness with Source and expanding that awareness in your daily life. Many practical tools in how to achieve this is offered in this illumined resource guide. Includes understanding DNA Codes & Imprints, belief systems, self-healing, releasing limiting patterns, intimacy & loving relationships, how to connect with your Higher Self and ground that into your daily life, Chakra clearing, working with the unconscious intention of your inner child, shadow self, and clearing/releasing these limiting patterns from your mental, emotional, and physical body. Toward the end of the book, you will find a very valuable resource guide for healthy nutrition and super foods, and which living foods will help you in your journey to wellness and to stay healthy and balanced during these transformational times.


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Chapter 3:

We chose these physical bodies to experience the illusion of time, form, space, matter, limitation, personal identity, ego, and to learn about how these aspects of our limited physical human self relate to more unlimited, non-physical forms of unlimited universal energy. Part of the package deal is to learn about and experience the journey of the sentient limited personal self and its relationship to your unlimited Higher Self . One big reason we are here on this planet is to evolve and expand our capacity to love, forgive, and through compassion and understanding, transmute limiting energies that no longer serve us. It is through our ability to respond, express/radiate and receive more unconditional love with discerning intelligence, that sets our spirit free from the illusions and entrapments of this third dimensional existence . This allows us to evolve beyond the illusions and appearances of a duality-based, 3-D Matrix in which we are entrapped.

Our personal self, which is also currently the human expression and vehicle of our soul, is a great gift, and just like the physical body, it needs to be loved, honored, accepted, understood, integrated, and brought into balance and harmony with our Higher Self.

In studying human relationships, I have become aware of three distinct aspects of the Self-Identity that interweave in varying degrees with one another through our interactions and communication with others. These are the personal, transpersonal and universal self.

The Personal Self is the first and primary stage of our human development. It is concerned with our basic needs for survival, how we relate emotionally, mentally, sexually, and how we process information, and express ourselves in the physical world. The personal self is a direct extension, expression, reflection, and development of the human ego with all its likes, dislikes, preferences, judgment, opinions, perceptions, etc. Its limitations and boundaries are defined in direct proportion to its perceptions and interactions with the external world. What creates our own personal identity, or our personal self are the influences of people around us. The process begins at the moment of conception. During the time the fetus is in the mother's womb, it absorbs a lot of emotional patterns from the mother. As the child develops, parental influences, social environment, and the culture in which the child is raised, all contribute to the development of the child's personal identity. A personal identity is formed by how the child is able to relate to its home environment as well as external stimuli. To include even deeper levels of soul memory, there are multiple sub-personalities from other lifetimes that interface with the soul's present personal experiences and development.

How you interface with other people emotionally and personally is influenced by your belief systems and your personal perception of reality. This includes your habits, addictions, fears, desires, traumas, pain, as well as positive reinforced experiences, how you see and feel about yourself, and the quality of validation you received from parents and peers during your childhood years. Another important aspect that contributes to the development of your personal identity is how you respond to your own self-imposed limitations, whether these are consciously or unconsciously imposed. How you personally handle life's many challenges also determines the strength and power of the personal choices you make, which in turn help develop your other two important aspects of identity: The Transpersonal Self and the Universal Self.

The Transpersonal Self:/b

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