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Energetic EyeHealing No Exercise Way of Improving Vision von Kaplan, Roberto (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 10.08.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Energetic EyeHealing

Every third person has lowered eyesight or wears glasses. Imagine what it would be like if you could look back and understand the message behind the lowered eyesight or eye disease condition? A clear view through the eyes means clearness is understanding the journey of your personal life. This book offers a self help approach to discover the limiting perceptions of the past and ways to encode new views. This self responsibility supports the healing of the cellular structures of the eyes. The practises offered guide the reader to improve the functioning of how they look through their eyes. Besides the eyes, their life issues are perceived in clearness. This book serves as an adjunct and resources to persons embarking on optometric vision therapy, Bates eyesight training, natural vision improvement, and other forms of self development processes.


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Energetic EyeHealing

Energetic EyeHealing


Maybe that was your main question as you decided to buy the book. From our perspective, we can say that you are opening up the opportunity to get a different approach to the topic of "sickness and health", to vision in particular.

Your eye problem has already fulfilled part of its 'job' for you: it has prompted you to look for something else that can really help you, for alternatives to the usual medical measures such as glasses, conventional or laser surgery or medications. As we have already indicated, these conventional medical measures do not cure the problem. There is symptomatic relief. Although glasses provide sharper eyesight, they don't solve the underlying problem because they are only a mechanical compensation at the periphery. A surgical procedure cannot guarantee that the same problem does not reoccur, or that other consequences arise.

Have you ever noticed that your level of clearness is not the same every day? Are there times where your eyes appear to function better? Are there situations where you have strong feelings, and your eyesight deteriorates? Did you know that the eye is involved in only 10 percent of the process of seeing? The other 90 percent happens behind the eyes, and perhaps even beyond your head.

One of our tasks is to help disseminate information on how vision function can be optimised, beyond superficial pseudo-solutions. Myopia is one of the most widespread epidemics in our culture. Our goal is to implement new paradigms in the field of optometry and ophthalmology. Therefore it is necessary that enough people know about complementary methods to enhance seeing.

We are optimistic. The ecological movement began as a small concern. Initially, there were only a few leaders who stood up and rebelled against the pollution and destruction of natural resources. Meanwhile, their vision has been established, and 'organic' has become a real trend. Similarly, a change in the direction for 'optometry and ophthalmology,' is needed. It is time for modern eye and vision care to wake up and stop only prescribing stronger glasses. It is important to consider complementary approaches, so that a real cure of the eye condition can be achieved. Fortunately, more influential people are considering such an approach.

Dr. Roberto Kaplan is one of those doctors who stood up and asked the basic question: "Why are so many of our fellow human beings short-sighted (myopic)?" For the fact that over a hundred million Americans are nearsighted is alarming. That is about 30 percent. Even in European countries like Germany, more than 25 percent limit their full potential because of myopia (nearsightedness). Although there is the science of vision therapy, optometrists and opticians still mostly tell the world that wearing glasses (or now the popular Lasik type of laser surgery) is the only way to 'correct' vision problems.

However, this assertion is simply wrong! Lenses do not correct myopia. A real cure is very rare. By using contact lenses and glasses, a co-dependent relationship is created. The main symptom of unclear eyesight is dealt with; the source, however, is masked. In most cases, the application of optical devices produces a life sentence of an addiction to outside power. It is obvious that there are other variables than just eye anatomy and physiology that are affecting eye functioning

In addition, an eye disease is not an isolated event that occurs independently of the mind and soul.

Neither does an eye disease condition just arrive by accident. The presence of disease is a signal of a deeper event of the body and mind that is communicating for help.

In this book we would like to share with you the results of forty years of Dr. Roberto Kaplan's research with patients. What we will present is that there is a st

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