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Train Your Fascia, Tone Your Body The Successful Method to Form Firm Connective Tissue von Müller, Divo (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2017
  • Verlag: Meyer & Meyer
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Train Your Fascia, Tone Your Body

Fascia is a building network in our body that gives us support, structure, and form. Whether a thigh is firm and beautifully shaped or like jelly basically depends on the tone of the fibrous connective tissue-the fascia. Therefore, we must train and firm the fascia in addition to strengthening the muscles. Only then will we have defined muscles, a well-toned body contour, and a slender shape. In collaboration with renowned fascia researcher, Robert Schleip, PhD, Divo Mueller has developed a new training that specifically tones connective tissue. Applying the power principles presented in this book-sense, bounce, tone, and nourish-you can reduce cellulite and eliminate bat wings and a flabby bottom. Using the illustrated and detailed full-body workouts presented will tone the seven important fascial chains. This innovative training approach will especially benefit those with weak and flabby connective tissue. Additionally, physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, movement trainers, and fitness coaches can easily adapt these power principles as a part of their training programs. Divo Müller is a health practitioner and body therapist. She is known internationally as a pioneer of modern movement programs. Together with Robert Schleip, PhD, a renowned researcher of fascia, and an international team of sport scientists, she has developed the successful training program Fascial Fitness. She regularly gives lectures and workshops and is a teacher in her own studio in Munich, Germany. Karin Hertzer is a health journalist, PR consultant, and author. She has been engaged in several books and a number of publications, has successfully run the PR for the Fascial Fitness Association and closely works together with Divo Mueller and Robert Schleip, PhD.


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    Originaltitel: Training für die Faszien. Die Erfolgsformel für ein straffes Bindegewebe. Empfohlen von Dr. Robert Schleip
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