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Graceful Last Chapters Helping Seniors Who Need More Care. von Martindale, Cynthia Neher (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.09.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Graceful Last Chapters

The author, Cynthia Neher Martindale, is a veteran of all things senior-related. In Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care, she shares her twenty years of experience with senior care in a voice filled with compassion, understanding, and an insider's point of view. As the primary caregiver for her parents in their declining years, as a sales and marketing director for senior living communities, and as a lawyer, Ms. Martindale brings readers a valuable resource about caring for aging loved ones. Its pages are filled with support and guidance for caregivers, clearly defined options for care, and the ways and means for readers to craft their own successful journey through caregiving challenges and heartbreak. Ms. Martindale offers readers fundamental knowledge, hope, a sense of identity and, ultimately, a path toward peace of mind. Within the pages of Graceful Last Chapters, find out how to: Build a knowledge base of proceed on your journey helping someone you love. Dig deeper, ask more questions, and judge the information's value to your situation. Gather resources, options, and approaches to issues relevant now and in the future. Become a better guide, partner, and friend to someone who depends on you. Learn to accept that you and your loved one are not alone . . . and life can be better. The audience for this book is enormous, and potential readers will relate to the questions posed by the author on the back cover of Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care. The author asks: Is there an aging senior in your life struggling with everyday activities? Do you see changes in their behavior? Are there safety issues that concern you? Are you wondering how to begin helping them or dreading where conversations may lead you? Then Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care is the book you need to read today.


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Graceful Last Chapters

CHAPTER THREE Step by Step There are countless times I have seen family members or close friends successfully lead processes of effective change to a loved one's surroundings, but my favorite example is about a niece helping her ninety-five-year-old uncle. Leigh adored Robert, and he had always been her favorite uncle. As her dad's oldest brother and the only currently surviving one of ten siblings, Robert was her dad's hero, and undoubtedly Leigh absorbed some of that admiration. Still, I can attest that Robert was an incredibly kind, charming, and thoughtful man with a gentle sense of humor who could easily be everyone's "favorite." He mildly complained with a grin that his eyesight and hearing weren't what they used to be, but at ninety-five, he guessed he was doing pretty well. Robert was a good conversationalist and asked the kind of questions that made people think a little deeper than they had anticipated. He read the New York Times every day, and he never failed to check the stock market and scores for sports. Although he didn't like to talk in detail about his service in World War II, Robert was very patriotic and extremely proud of his wartime years. An avid dancer, he met the love of his life at a Navy dance in San Diego after the war. Their marriage lasted more than sixty years, and he nursed his wife through her final illness at home, which was her choice. A stubborn and proud Italian, he brought the necessary help into the home but never left her side. When his wife passed away, Robert grieved deeply in their first and only house, surrounded by their extended family and friends who helped him through this difficult time. But gradually, Leigh, who was the Power of Attorney and Executrix for both Robert and his wife, began to talk with Robert about moving on, being around some new people, doing more, being somewhere where meals and transportation were provided for him, and where the maintenance, cleaning, and grocery shopping would all be less bothersome. She met with a great deal of resistance, but she gently persisted. "Uncle Robert," she would say, "we can do better than this. You can be happier." When Leigh came alone for her scheduled appointment at the assisted-living community where I worked, she had already been through several previous chapters with Robert, gradually instigating and completing an increasing number of adjustments to his home. Each one-home services coming into the house, then more help, then a move to an independent-living retirement community-was difficult but necessary. What impressed me from the beginning was that Leigh took Robert to the limits of his tolerance each time change was needed. It might not be the ideal resolution, maybe not the one that was best for the long term, which, coincidentally, would have also saved him a few eventual moves and saved her time and work, but it was the most he could handle at the time. She knew him inside and out. So when he was at his limit, she believed him, respected his decision, and gladly made the task her own. I first met Robert when he came to lunch at our assisted-living community to get a visual picture of Leigh's glowing reports and to judge the quality of our food, which, along with the dining room's general ambience, was very important to him. By this point, Leigh and I had talked and toured our community twice, even choosing to focus on a furnished apartment for a month's respite following Robert's upcoming ankle surgery. The logic was that after surgery and a month or so of extensive physical and occupational rehabilitation at a skilled nursing home, Robert would still need continuing therapy and nursing services before achieving the previous level of independence he enjoyed prior to the operation. Additionally, Leigh was hoping that Robert's month with us would function

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