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Mighty Mites Youth Soccer Session Plans and Methodology for U4-U8 von Castell, Chris (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.06.2014
  • Verlag: Meyer & Meyer
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Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites uses what we know about children and infuses it with youth soccer. Utilizing exciting stories, we engage young players and achieve a deeper understanding of the game than most would believe possible through skill development. This simple approach helps coaches easily accomplish more while keeping every player active as everyone has the best time imaginable. This book has all you would ever need to run a complete season, not only for a parent volunteer but for club officials looking for programming throughout their organization. Chris Castell has been involved with youth coaching for a number of years, primarily as a Coerver coach. He is currently the South Carolina State Director for Coerver Coaching. He played in England and collegiately for the University of Montevallo, reaching the Final Four of the national tournament as he gained the school record for the hightest number of starts.


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Mighty Mites


Here is where the sessions begin. It can be a little difficult to read words and put them into actions, but do not worry as you can do no wrong. If you are teaching the players to move with the ball in a certain way which is wrong as far as the terminology goes, you have still taught the players to flow with a ball. Who knows, you may have invented the best soccer skill known to man by accident and will become the most famous coach in the world. If this does actually happen, you can keep the fame and fortune if I get some of the credit. Perhaps name the skill after me? Just an idea.

These sessions contain a mixture of techniques and skills where most coaches, experienced or new, will not necessarily know the term for the action. Here is a complete breakdown of how to accomplish each skill related to the session the skill is used in.

Action desired in the session

Actual name of the skill
How-to guide Scrub the deck Side to sides Keep the upper body still and move the ball side to side between the feet, bending the knees on the spot. Sweep the deck Roll in, roll out Roll the ball in with one foot; then after taking a step with the rolling foot, use that same foot to roll the ball out. After placing the foot back down on the floor, repeat the skill. Keep the body directly behind the ball at all times. Mop the deck Balance circles Stand on one foot and move the ball around the standing leg, keeping that foot stuck on the floor (no hopping or twisting). Change direction and legs. Dry the deck Inside and outside cuts With the same foot and without moving forward or backward, cut the ball with the inside, then the outside of the same foot, taking one step in between with the kicking foot. Stormy sea Sole rolls Face the body 90 degrees from the direction of travel and drag the ball with the trailing leg, using the sole of the foot only. Every time the foot is lifted, there should be a roll of the ball with that foot. Climb the rigging Toe taps Tap the ball with the left sole of the cleats then right as fast as possible, keeping the upper body as still as possible and trying to keep your eyes off the ball. BIRTHDAY PARTY

Action desired in the session

Actual name of the skill
How-to guide
Dinner time and relay race

Speed dribbling technique
Point the toe down and inward slightly, with lots of quick touches directly forward using the outside of the same foot and keeping the head up. OPERATION TAKE DOWN T-REX

Action desired in the session

Actual name of the skill
How-to guide Stepoversaurus Step over Step over the ball and place this foot (e.g., right foot) directly in front of the standing foot. With the same foot, cut the ball using the outside of the foot. Scissorsaurus Scissors Move feet in the opposite direction around the ball to the step over (feet shoulder-width apart, then move the foot inside initially, almost clicking heels. Then the foot moves around the ball inside to outside and then the foot returns to starting position). Foot moves all the way around the ball and returns to original position. The other foot starts another scissor, b

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