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Classroom Hierarchy 50 Rules to Become a Dominant, Loved, Respected and Admired Teacher von Marques, Daniel (eBook)

  • Verlag: 22 Lions
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Classroom Hierarchy

What can teachers with dozens of years of experience in different countries prove about hierarchy in the classroom was the subject of analysis that led to the resume of the laws expressed in this book. The conclusions presented here aren't suggested or proposed as examples of a good teaching profile, but rather a description of a study motivated by the need to understand the power that some teachers conquer to themselves, apart from their skills to educate or pass good values, which can always certainly be questionable and should, especially taking into account that this profile seems to be common in unqualified teachers. Based on the observation of different cases regarding teachers with different nationalities, it was concluded that those that are able to create a strong hierarchy inside the classroom tend to have more success and be more popular among students. But it was also concluded that a good teaching methodology has absolutely no effect without a strong hierarchy, and that a strong hierarchy can discard, or not, the use of different methodologies. Therefore, knowing which dominating rules are those proves to be crucial to any other teacher that wishes to obtain a more profound insight regarding his influence on students. Many of those principles are related to the personality of the teacher, reason why it proves to be so difficult to identify them. For the purpose of this book, teachers from Europe and Asia were observed and interviewed, with the intention of finding the most evident rules that they follow, either aware or not of it, in order to create what is presented in the following chapters.


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