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Intergenerational Relationships Conversations on Practice and Research Across Cultures von Goff, Richard (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.12.2012
  • Verlag: Taylor and Francis
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Intergenerational Relationships

Understand how multigenerational family relationships can benefit all generations!Intergenerational Relationships: Conversations on Practice and Research Across Cultures focuses on how family and community relationships are affected by pressing social problems. Respected international authorities reveal how cultures from Africa, Asia, the US, and Europe value connections among people of different ages and how these relationships are used to address crucial social problems. Insightful research bridges multiple disciplines to provide a unique perspective demonstrating the benefits of intergenerational relationships.Intergenerational Relationships: Conversations on Practice and Research Across Cultures presents a variety of approaches to social and intergenerational issues from international authors. The book discusses issues in two intergenerational categories: relationships in families and relationships in communities. The diverse range of content presents an enlightened view of the transformation of societies by modern technologies and illustrates the importance of maintaining a firm cultural identity through the relationships of different age groups. The view that the interdependence of multiple generations and society's common goals are inseparable is discussed in papers that explore rites of passage, language transfer, art and literature, community events, and research. Intergenerational Relationships: Conversations on Practice and Research Across Cultures explores: the devastation of intergenerational relationships in Nigeria because of AIDS intergenerational cultural transmission among the Akan of Ghana African views of elders in folklore and literature transitional changes in contemporary intergenerational relationships in India the construction of future theories of intergenerational relationships intergenerational initiatives in Sweden faith-based health and wellness programs in the US intergenerational relationships in US communities relationships between differing age groups among the Tumbuka of northern Malawi transformations over time in generational relationships in Africa intergenerational developments in England Intergenerational Relationships: Conversations on Practice and Research Across Cultures is an important text for educators and students in intergenerational studies, researchers delving into intergenerational relationships, cultural transfer, and social change, international policymakers, and interdisciplinary scholars in developmental psychology, education, gerontology, sociology, and political science.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 06.12.2012
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    ISBN: 9781136430244
    Verlag: Taylor and Francis
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