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Parenting without Stress How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own von Marshall, Marvin (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.09.2012
  • Verlag: Piper Press
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Parenting without Stress

Parenting Without Stress: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own is a transformative book shows parents how to reduce their stress with their children and have their kids WANT to do what their parents would like. The book is unique because its approach is totally noncoercive, yet not permissive. People who use the author's unique approach reduce stress for all involved, promote responsibility, improve relationships, become more effective, and continually find parenting a joy. Disagreements are easily handled, impulsive behavior is eliminated, and conflicts even between siblings are significantly reduced.


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Parenting without Stress

What Readers in the U.S.A. Are Saying...

"I was thrilled to read your book. It is full of simple, practical, logical advice for parents to guide children into making more thoughtful choices and leading to less stressful family environments."

Donna Rishor
Tucson, Arizona

"I love your parenting book! I have been using your strategies both at home and in the classroom. I can see a significant difference in the behaviors and attitudes of both my daughter and my students."

Monica Mallet
El Segundo, California

"I have been struggling with my five-year-old who knows his own mind. Coercion was not working! I was at a complete loss until I tried your approach. I had never tried anything like it. Your methods have definitely improved our relationships."

Karen McCormick
Norco, California

"I have already tried some things on my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. The ideas are great."

Cathy Marlow
San Diego, California

"I am delighted that Dr. Marshall has finally written a book specifically for parents. I have been using his approach since my daughter was five years old. His principles are right on the mark."

Jodi Walker
Valencia, California

"Your parenting book gives the antidote to so many challenges. The strategies provide parents and grandparents help to work smarter and more effectively."

Paul Wislocki
Middlebury, Connecticut

"This is a practical, easy to understand, parenting handbook that offers a different way to think about behavior and child rearing. The ideas presented have already proven to be effective in the classroom and are sure to help parents create a happy, effective family unit."

Dr. Gwen Kessell
Lakeland, Florida

"I love this book! It makes so much sense! There are so many big aha moments. It is so helpful and has been magic with my daughter. She finally cleaned up her room! Thank you so much. The book has made a huge difference in my approach to parenting and teaching!"

Patricia Richmond
Port Orange, Florida

"As a former [school] principal, I was a disciple of the Discipline without Stress philosophy. As a grandfather, I am also using the excellent strategies in the parenting book. Promoting responsible behavior allows parents to have a life of their own."

Tom Bowers
Venice, Florida

"I have been struggling with my nine-year-old son. He has been consciously making bad decisions. After reading your book, my frame of mind immediately changed to How can I change my approach? The wealth of information and how to apply it are overwhelmingly enlightening."

Kehaulani Ah Quin

"This book provides parents with a Global Positioning System for raising responsible children. It is the road map for successful parenting."

James Burns
Winnebago, Illinois

"Powerful in its simplicity, Marshall's approach has the ability to transform relationships and help children see that responsible choices are the key to getting what they want out of life."

Sonya Overman
Goshen, Indiana

"This parenting book is a very easy and quick read. I only wish that they would give out this book at every baby shower or as a gift from the hospital when the baby and new mom go home. If everyone would parent like this, the world would be a much better place."

Lisa Lane
Lafayette, Indiana

"This is the book that parents and others who work with children have been looking for. As I read it, I was able to apply the simple concepts to my situations to see exactly where things went right or wrong. The concepts are universal to human interactions."

Kerry Ketcham
Des Moines, Iowa

"Your parenting book is so timel

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