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The Family Bible Revolution An End-Time Message for His Generational Blessing. von Langlois, Jim (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.06.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Family Bible Revolution

Reaching the World for Jesus Who is the world's greatest evangelist? How did they reach so many people for Christ? How can we effectively continue to evangelize this ever changing world? Would a flash flood of the Word be as effective as an underground watering system at the roots? Who would be the first we should target? Is there a way to have such a thing as systemic sustainable evangelism? If so, how could we accomplish it and how much money and resources would we need to bring it to pass? How much technology will we need? Should we be concerned with both salvation and discipleship? Is it possible to accomplish both at the same time? How many systems, buildings, transportation, and personnel will we need bring it to pass? Can it be done through a volunteer system or will we need to hire staff? These are all great questions and although all types of evangelism are necessary and effective, the approach within this book can be accomplished without any of the above. It can also have tremendous value for the success of marriages and families. One truth, five principles, and six steps. It's The Family Bible Revolution and step six is where the rubber meets the road!


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The Family Bible Revolution

CHAPTER ONE MY JOURNEY Not long from now. I will be 63 years old. I grew up as a musician - a drummer. I fell into a life of music, drugs, alcohol, and women, and could not find myself. I loved music, but the drugs, alcohol, and women became terrible false hopes and false prophecies for a life with happiness and true meaning. In my quest for happiness, I sought help through a lady who performed automatic handwriting. In her process, she contacted the spirits of the dead while holding a pen over writing paper. Supposedly, as different spirits entered and left, they wrote messages to me through her hand. As one spirit left and another entered, the handwriting completely changed. In any session, there would be three to five different spirits and therefore, three to five messages. Only she could read the handwriting. These messages prophesied my future including a move to New York, a marriage, and a spirit, who called himself Funky Guide, who vowed to help me be a better drummer. Over the next several years, for some reason the prophecies never came true, and I could never sense the assistance of any spirit helping me play. I discontinued my endeavor with automatic handwriting and sought after another avenue. I then gave a faithful and dedicated attempt to "find myself" through Transcendental Meditation. After paying $125.00 and receiving my mantra and instructions through the guru, I religiously meditated twice a day, twenty minutes each time, in the meditation seated pose chanting my mantra as instructed for an entire year. For some reason, no matter how faithful I was, in-between my meditations I was still the same old person I was before, with no more joy, peace, or purpose in life. Happiness continued to elude me. The Five Words While taking a walk on the beach in Panama City, Florida with a friend (Gene Johnson), I shared my desire for something that was real. He said five words that forever changed my life: "What you need is Jesus!" This now makes it important for us to go back into my childhood... I grew up in a loving family; however, not in a religious home. We attended Catholic Mass on Christmas and Easter, and they sent me to the Catholic Catechism Class after school on Thursdays. I began to do poorly in school, so they sent me to a Catholic private school for the 7th and 8th grades. This helped me improve my grades; however, whatever I learned about Jesus during the Catechism classes and two years in a private Catholic school did not seem to connect. Now, back to the five words..."What you need is Jesus!" You see, I knew His name, I knew He died on the cross and rose again, but beyond that, I had no understanding as to who He was. I am not sure if my instruction was poor, or if I just never listened, but I had no comprehension as to who Jesus was. I knew nothing of His life, nothing of the Word of God, or anything that Jesus did. I did recite the "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" prayers, but those were the only prayers I could remember. When Gene said, "What you need is Jesus!" my heart jumped and I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. Somehow, I just knew it! Although I had found my answer, having no facts or guidance, I did not know what to do. That summer, while playing in a lounge band in Panama City, Florida, someone gave me a witnessing tract entitled Four Spiritual Laws by Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. 1 I remember reading that tract over and over, day after day, while sitting in my hotel room and walking the beautiful pure white sandy beach! My Salvation I don't remember the exact timing, but to the best of my recollection, my Panama City experience was the summer of 1978. Fast forward to Sunday, February 11th, 1979: Gene and a few of my friends went to Rock Church in Virginia Beach and I went forwa

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