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Writing for Understanding Using Backwards Design to Help All Students Write Effectively. By The Vermont Writing Collaborative.

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.10.2013
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Writing for Understanding

Writing for Understanding is for teachers. The book lays out a manageable, effective approach to teacher planning so that students have access to all of those elements, especially the first three, before they sit down to write. Based on the principle of 'backward design' (Wiggins and McTighe), it conceptualizes planning for writing instruction in terms of key elements. These are: Central Ideas What is it that I want students to understand about this content? What understandings about the craft of writing do I want them to grasp? Focusing Question What question will I pose so that students can see how to approach this thinking/writing in a specific, appropriate, manageable way? Building and Processing Working Knowledge How am I going to make sure that students know enough about this subject by the end to actually be able to write about it? Structure How will my students know how to construct/build this piece of writing so that their thinking is clear, both to them as writers and to the readers of their work? Writing How will my students draft/revise so that their final writing is clearly focused, organized, and developed to show understanding of the central ideas? In the book, we will explain each of these elements in detail, making ample use of student work and teacher think-a-louds as we go.


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