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Diversity in Europe

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 10.07.2015
  • Verlag: Nomos
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Diversity in Europe

As Europeanisation flourishes, the importance of diverse perspectives, attitudes, and approaches becomes increasingly pertinent. This book explores the interdisciplinary nature of diversity in Europe. In order to truly understand the complexities of the diversity phenomenon, it is necessary to explore this concept under the scope of many different disciplines. Thus, the concept of diversity is examined through four main sections. The first part of the book covers the notion of 'otherness' and surrounds different topics of minority issues in Europe. The second section examines the intercultural debate in both a theoretical sense and its affect on the innovation process. The third section explores different levels of cooperation, such as transnational organizations and through Europeanisation. The fourth and final section covers different co-financed cultural cooperation projects in the EU, specifically in regard to territorial issues. With contributions by: Laura Asarite,Vita Balama, Gerhard Besier, Jutta Bissinger, Jaume Castan Pinos, Ilona Ebbers, Gerd Grözinger, Elisabeth Keller, Tove Malloy, Mirijam Monteiro, Erma Mulabdic, Elzbieta Opilowska, Katarzyna Stoklosa, Monika Sus, Hanna Vasilevich


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