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McCarthyism and the Red Scare A Reference Guide von Walker, William T. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2011
  • Verlag: ABC-Clio
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McCarthyism and the Red Scare

Intolerance in America that targets alleged internal subversives controlled by external agents has a storied history that stretches hundreds of years. While the post-World War II ",Red Scare", and the emergence of McCarthyism during the 1950s is the era commonly associated with American anticommunism, there was also a ",First Red Scare", that occurred in 1919-1920. In both time periods, many Americans feared the radicalism of the left, and some of the most outspokenNlike McCarthyNused slander to denounce their political enemies. The result was an atmosphere in which individual rights and liberties were at risk and hysteria prevailed. McCarthyism and the Red Scare: A Reference Guide tracks the rise and fall of Senator Joe McCarthy and the broad pursuit of domestic ",Red", subversives in the post-World War II years, and focuses on how American society responded to real and perceived threats from the left during the first decade of the Cold War.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2011
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781598844382
    Verlag: ABC-Clio
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