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Policy Making in the European Union - Policy Making and Implementation Policy Making and Implementation von Bubholz, Heiko (eBook)

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Policy Making in the European Union - Policy Making and Implementation

Seminar paper from the year 2002 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: European Union, grade: 1,0 (A), Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Centre for European Studies), course: EU Law and Institutions, 20 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Now, in January 2002, a visible step in European integration has been accomplished. With the introduction of the European ?-currency about 296,8 millions citizen1 of the European Union (EU) will hold the new symbols of unity of Europe's peoples in their hands. What began with an attempt of reconciliation and co-operation via the ECSC in 1952 has now developed towards a so far unprecedented transfer of sovereign rights and competence from nation states to a supranational/intergovernmental organisation. However, throughout the EU prevail doubts concerning the deeper mechanism of policy making. Despite certain inscrutability and the mysterious nature of decision making there are demands for more democracy in the Union. On the other side it may be assumed that most of the European citizen do not really take notice of high and low politics decided upon in the European institutions. Aim of this paper shall therefor be a closer elaboration of the policy making process in the European Union, the enforcement of decisions on European and national level, and finally influences or interdependencies from outside the formal institution, interfering in Europe's policy and polity. Hence, the results of the Nice IGC are not ratified yet - which might not be assumed soon - I focus on the binding regulations of the Amsterdam Treaty2. After a short description of the - as I would prefer to name it - macro level (Commission, Council, Parliament, Courts), where provisions are concluded, the implementation of this policies and decisions on the micro/national level shall be explained thereafter. Finally outside impetus (lobbying, national interests, etc.) on the decision and interpretation process shall be elaborated in a limited scope as well. [...]


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