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A Very Public Affair The Crown and the Australian Constitution von Benwell, Philip (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 12.09.2014
  • Verlag: Vivid Publishing
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A Very Public Affair

A VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR - A SERIES OF TALKS ON THE AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION AND THE CROWN This book is intended only for those seriously interested in the debate on Australia's constitutional future and how the case for the monarchy was put forward. It is most probably the most extensive published work on the debate. 'A very Public Affair' is the work of many years of research, thought and argument on Australia's constitution and the Crown. It comprises a series of talks by the author, Philip Benwell, over a period of several years and follows his earlier book: 'In Defence of Australia's Constitutional Monarchy', Edwin Mellen Press ISBN: 07734-66967 (Library of Congress - USA) Additionally it has extensive endnotes, 838 in total, providing references and details on matters commented upon in the talks. When Benwell and others stood up to defend Australia's constitutional arrangements in the early 1990s, there were few reference books that could be called upon to assist in opposing and debating claims put forward by republicans. There were legal tomes and much older books written on the constitution, all of which were helpful, but there was no ready reference that debaters and writers could easily call upon. Whilst the prospect of a republic has faded into the background in recent times, undoubtedly it will again become an issue in years to come. This book will, in most instances, be as relevant to those who stand up for Australia's constitution in the future as it has been for those in past years. It will also, of course, be of use and interest to students and researchers into the proposals for constitutional change and into the arguments that won the referendum of 1999 and the media-driven debate that continued on for the ensuing 15 years.


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A Very Public Affair



(Written in May 2007)

All too often the Queen and members of her family are accused, mainly by a subjective media, of existing in an indolent state of luxury on taxpayer monies, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. At over eighty years of age, Her Majesty works harder than many people even half her age. The Prince of Wales toils assiduously for good causes and raises more money for charity than any other person in the world. Similarly, Princess Ann deservedly earns the title of one of the hardest working royals in history. Furthermore, the Queen does not receive a salary but is only paid an allowance for costs and the upkeep of the royal establishments and yet even that is only a partial return of the monies the Government receives from the Crown Estates 134 .

Despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary, the media, and those who take pleasure in denigrating the Monarchy, continue with their iniquitous lies and infamous absurdities. Even the announcement in May 2007 by General Sir Richard Dannatt KCB CBE MC, Chief of the General Staff of the United Kingdom, that a decision had been made not to allow Prince Harry to join his regiment in Iraq 1 , produced the usual denouncements of favouritism, whereas the truth is that it is quite the reverse.

What this decision has actually shown is that, as third in line to the Throne, Prince Harry is not free to lead a normal existence. Whilst he, personally, was always ready to place his life on the line to serve his country, his presence would have created a target that would have put the lives of others in danger.

Indeed, the exponents of, to quote from Robert Burns 2 , ' sour bigotry ' 3 , should appreciate that being a member of the Royal Family is, on many occasions, anything but a privilege, but rather an onerous burden that Prince Harry will have to endure for some time and a cross which his brother, Prince William, will have to bear for the rest of his life.

Whatever one may think of the war in Iraq, or of that in Afghanistan, the hearts of all those who care go out to soldiers fighting on the front-line against terrorism. Although Muslim for well over a thousand years, it is only in recent times that Iraq has been a war-zone of bloodshed and tyranny; one finds it difficult to imagine that the once oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein 4 was in times past the homeland of thriving civilisations which existed five thousand and more years ago, even before the Pyramids which seem, to most people, to be the sole illustration of those ancient and illustrious times.

The problem is that we know so very little about the real past of those ancient cultures. We can, of course surmise that they would not have been blighted with the asinine election campaigns of our modern politicians with their absurd billion dollar core and non-core promises (did not Disraeli 57 say of his own party: the mule of politics that engenders nothing 5 ). However, we do know that even in those distant ages, there were kings and governments and cities with law and order. The Bible itself tells us in Genesis 4:17 that Cain was building a City. 6

To build and maintain a city obviously requires law and order which means that some sort of civilisation existed long before anything yet uncovered by man. Whilst the earliest written records that are available to us date from the early civilisation of Mesopotamia, there must have been in existence an intelligent culture in Britain which created the 'standing stones', the most famous of which is of course, Stonehenge 7 . The name is possibly a derivative of Saxon English meaning a stone structure or &lsquo

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