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Cold War How Organized Crime Works in Canada and Why It's Just About to Get More Violent von Langton, Jerry (eBook)

  • Verlag: HarperCollins Publishers
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Cold War

Organized crime in Canada has long been dominated by the Hells Angels and their friends in the Rizzuto crime family. Over the years, they have brought many street gangs into their alliance, most notably the Indian Posse, many sets of the Crips, the Independent Soldiers and the Red Scorpions. The key to their allegiance is that the Hells Angels and the Rizzutos could always get the commoditiesmarijuana, cocaine, meth, Ecstasy, cash, steroidsthat fed organized crime. But their strong-arm tactics have created an opposition including the Cotroni family, the Musitanos, the Outlaws, the Bandidos, the Rock Machineall less familiar names to Canadians. And the opposition is now standing up to the stalwart Canadian kingpins. Canadas crime families, bikers and youth gangs are waging a war for supremacy across the country, and innocent people often get in the way.In Cold War, bestselling author Jerry Langton explains the history of the rivalries, the current tensions and the build-up of antiHells Angels/Rizzuto family forces in Canada. In unprecedented detail, Langton outlines the risk and the fallout of Canadas true-crime cold war.


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