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Negotiating successfully Negotiating successfully in small and mid-sized M&A transactions von Allert, Arnd (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2015
  • Verlag: Kuebler Verlag
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Negotiating successfully

As instruments of strategic company management they have become an indispensable element of business life: 'Mergers and acquisitions', meaning combinations and takeovers of enterprises or parts of enterprises. How can such transactions be negotiated in an effective and focused manner? There are extensive theoretical negotiation models - but how can these be implemented specifically? This book wants to make a contribution to transferring such theories to day-to-day M&A negotiation practice. It conveys practical knowledge in order to make negotiations for the purchase and sale of an enterprise more successful. The focus is on the area which in Germany accounts for the majority of enterprises: medium-sized companies. It is addressed to entrepreneurs, attorneys, auditors and tax advisors as well as all corporate finance professionals who are involved in negotiation situations. With numerous case studies from consulting practice, Arnd Allert accomplishes the transfer of theoretical knowledge to day-to-day practice. In this book, Arnd Allert has compiled his knowledge from more than one hundred M&A transactions and gives an insight into the world of M&A consulting which in this comprehensive form so far was almost impossible to find. Arnd Allert has been working in the corporate finance industry for more than 20 years. He started his professional career at Deutsche Bank AG. In 2003, he founded the M&A consulting firm Allert & Co. GmbH, which today is among the leading consulting firms for mergers and acquisitions in Germany. In addition to his consulting activities, he is lecturing at universities on the subjects of 'Mergers and Acquisitions' as well as 'Negotiation' and, in addition, is a member of several supervisory and administrative boards.


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Negotiating successfully

List of figures

Figure 1 The M&A process flow, using the example of the sale of an enterprise

Figure 2 Selection of possible areas of conflict

Figure 3 The classic Lehman Formula

Figure 4 Different compensation combinations for M&A consulting services

Figure 5 Example of the economic development of a company

Figure 6 Model calculation for the continuation scenario (contribution to a foundation)

Figure 7 Model calculation for the liquidation scenario

Figure 8 Model calculation for the IPO scenario

Figure 9 Comparable companies - overview

Figure 10 Range of values in the IPO scenario

Figure 11 Sample comparison of alternatives for action

Figure 12 Schematic diagram of the creation of a ZOPA

Figure 13 Summary of theoretical negotiation principles

Figure 14 Selection of key factors influencing a negotiator in M&A transactions

Figure 15 Message - Sender - Receiver model

Figure 16 Domination, equality and subordination in transactional analysis

Figure 17 The 4 sides of a message

Figure 18 Occasion-related stressors in M&A transactions

Figure 19 The human brain

Figure 20 Hormones produced in the human brain

Figure 21 Ways of coping with stress in M&A transactions

Figure 22 Sphere of responsibility and sphere of influence

Figure 24 Redefinition of the sphere of responsibility and the sphere of influence by involving an M&A advisor

Figure 23 Maslow's pyramid of needs

Figure 25 The basic principles of the Harvard Concept

Figure 26 Potential liability risks I

Figure 27 Potential liability risks II

Figure 28 Potential liability risks III

Figure 29 Pay-off diagram of the prisoners' dilemma

Figure 30 Pay-off diagram of the negotiator's dilemma

Figure 31 Problem areas of the application of cooperative negotiating

Figure 32 Example of a complex decision-tree

Figure 33 Example of a pay-off matrix

Figure 34 Terrified woman

Figure 35 Bids for drilling licenses

Figure 36 Results of an experiment conducted by the author with 1,000 rolls of the die

Figure 37 Results of an experiment conducted by the author regarding the aggregate number of pips in 1,000 rolls of the dice

Figure 38 Example of the economic development of a company

Figure 39 Definition of the expected value of the value drivers

Figure 40 Value drivers and likelihoods of occurrence

Figure 41 Risk simulation of a value driver with right-skewed distribution

Figure 42 Monte Carlo simulation of the terminal value with equal distribution

Figure 43 Income statement after conducting a Monte Carlo simulation

Figure 44 Determination of the enterprise value using Monte Carlo simulation


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