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The Dog Bites The Legend of Kit Palmer von Palmer, Kit (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Dog Bites

this book is different. it is a series of events that occurred while Kit Palmer was a police officer, laced together with the story line of Kit being the best fuckin' cop in Australia and given almost educational-textbook-like status by the addition of real police philosophy and true life experiences. the story of Kit Palmer is told in just the way Kit expresses himself, with no excuses for grammar, punctuation, political, or verbal correctness. it's all recorded just the way it comes out. natural and real. there are no capital letters. Kit thinks they are silly except when writing his own name of course. it is written in a staccato style which is so alike the words that tumble from Kit's mouth. some of the places and characters have been changed to give confusion and ponderance to the reader; while some have remained true to give more mental acrobatics to those who knew Kit.


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The Dog Bites

the tea bag "the feds office," as we called it, was at redfern in those days and the day shift started at 8:00 a.m. except if there was an important raid on, and then we would start at 6:00 a.m. the afternoon shift started at 2:00 p.m. I started at 11:00 a.m. 'cause I didn't want to miss her. I wore a suit and waited. there was a fellow called keith who also worked at "the feds office." he was a cop but should have been a cleaner or a poet or something. he had dirty fingernails, never did his hair. he normally wore short long pants and you could see the flesh above his socks. ...and he just looked dirty. well he used to have a ration of tea bags. I mean that every day he would have about five or six cups of tea and one tea bag. when he would have the first one, he would jingle it a couple of times in the water and then put the bag into a plastic cup in his top drawer. then next time do the same thing, until he went home at the end of his shift. he had to jingle it longer and longer as the day went on. the last cup of tea must have been a beauty. he was a dickhead, I can tell you. anyway I watched him for a couple of hours. then jonsey came in. two o'clock on the dot, in came the goddess wearing a white frock tight all over to show things about herself. she was unbelievable. she had black high-heel shoes with a bow on them and a pretty colorful brooch with leaves and a flower on her left breast. she carried a hand bag over her arm and walked into "the office" with an air of composed superiority laced with womanhood. I was professional. I was waiting for her. "hello, sam. how are you?" "very well, thank you, Mr. Kit. it is lovely to see you again." I stopped being professional; it was impossible. she was standing in front of me actually breathing perfume on me. I really liked it. "ah yeah, great. want a cup of tea?" "yes that would be lovely." I went and saw keith and asked to borrow his tea bag. it was two o'clock-still about one hit left in it, I reckoned. sam the goddess gave me a photo of her kid, male child five years of age, reddish hair, green eyes, some freckles, and a real good grin on him. she also gave me a protection order and some information about a possible address. I checked and everything looked ok. jonsey walked over and said "hello" then walked off again. that was all right 'cause I knew jonsey was perfect and didn't want to stand too close to a goddess. "find him for me, Mr. Kit." "I will, sam. yes I will." anyway sam didn't drink her tea and left "the office." as she did she looked back and caught me staring at her perfect legs and rear end that had dropped "just right." you see a few years back, an old chinaman told me about women. I never forgot what he said: "Kit when you look at woman, make sure their toes turn out a little bit. that means their pussy's open for inspection. and make sure that bum is sunk about one inch from center, ok. i tell you, Mr. Kit, then you have good woman." every woman since then they had to pass the inspection test. "everything ok, Mr. Kit?" "absolutely, sam, absolutely." now jonsey came good again and suggested that we go to the address just after dark to miss all the traffic. which we did. there was jonsey and a really good female fed called judy denton. now judy was going out with barry. don't know what she saw in barry, must have been his personal weapon-he had a rippa. so he said and she confirmed it. anyway jonsey, judy, and I went to parramatta in the cop car. it was a holden gemini, the smallest car they had. it was used just to scoot around sydney in, you know what I mean. bit of a change from the rolls wi

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