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Handling Societal Complexity A Study of the Theory of the Methodology of Societal Complexity and the COMPRAM Methodology von De Tombe, Dorien (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 24.02.2015
  • Verlag: Springer-Verlag
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Handling Societal Complexity

This handbook for the Methodology of Societal Complexity describes the theoretical development of the field and lays the foundation for the application of the Compram Methodology in the context of addressing complex societal problems. As such, it offers a valuable resource for scientists, practitioners, politicians, master and PhD students in the fields of methodology, the social sciences, operational research, management and political science and for all others who are professionally involved in handling complex societal problems. These problems are the kind that fill the front page of quality newspapers; they have a huge impact on society, involve a variety of phenomena and actors, and are therefore difficult to handle. The structured Compram Methodology provides sound guidelines for handling real-life societal problems democratically, sustainably and transparently. Examples of the use of the Compram Methodology are provided in the domain of global safety with regard to healthcare, economics, climate change, terrorism, large city problems, large technological projects and floods. Complex societal problems must be treated as multi-disciplinary, multi-actor, multi-level and often as multi-continental issues. As such, they call for a multi-disciplinary and multi-actor approach that takes into account the emotional aspects of the problem and the problem handling process, including the micro, meso and macro level, which can be accomplished using the methods, models and tools from the field of the Methodology of Societal Complexity. The Compram Methodology improves the problem handling process and increases the quality of interventions and therefore the quality of life. Handling complex societal problems can reduce conflicts, save money and ultimately even save lives. Dorien J. DeTombe is an internationally recognized expert and founder of the Theory of the Methodology of Societal Complexity and the Compram Methodology. Dorien J. DeTombe is the founder of the theory of the methodology for societal complexity and the COMPRAM Methodology. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of methodology for societal complexity. She developed the COMPRAM methodology (Complex Problem Handling Methodology), a multi-disciplined methodology for policy making. Dorien J. DeTombe studied social science and computer science. She received her doctorate in the field of Methodology for Complex Societal Problems. She is a recognized researcher in her field of research both national and international. She is a member of many scientific boards and review committees. She organizes many international conferences. She is editor of several journals. She spent her career as a scientist at Utrecht University and at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Dorien J. DeTombe published more than 150 articles and books on the subject of the Methodology of Complex Societal Problems and the Compram methodology. She is doing research on the subject of how to handle complex problems: policy problems in risk management, sustainable development, healthcare and economy, issues like Global Safety in Floods, Privacy, Urban Research, Future Planning, Agricultural Business, Terrorism and Earth Quakes. She gives frequent lectures and workshops on the subject of the Methodology of Societal Complexity and the Compram methodology as visiting Professor and at conferences all over the world.


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