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and the award for Best SME of the year goes to von Wahi, Ajay (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.08.2012
  • Verlag: AuthorZilla.com
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and the award for Best SME of the year goes to

As I look back on years of work, it strikes me that at every company where I worked, I was always chosen for all new ventures. Never mind that nobody had ever done it before, any new corporate initiative would be passed on to me to plan and execute. Maybe I was chosen because I always had practical ideas to make new concepts and projects succeed.This book happens to be one such idea. The objective of the book is to share with CEOs of SMEs some of the practices which helped me create success at all the SMEs I worked for as CEO. I believe CEOs will welcome these fresh ideas for two reasons. One, they do not find the time to think beyond today's problems, and two, they should not have to reinvent the wheel.Although my experiences and examples come from working in IT companies, I feel these are so generic that any CEO of any SME in any industry could benefit from them. I believe everyone can profit from my experiences because they focus on people, productivity, processes, culture, retention, motivation , positive energy , employees mindset and so on, which apply to all SMEs.Working in a SME involves working long hours so I thought it would be best to write in bite-sized pieces using simple language, with each idea presented over just a few pages. Further, the CEO can read as much as time permits, re-start the next day, and not worry about losing track, since each small chapter is a separate learning.I am confident that using the learnings given in the book will chart your success story too. For all you know , you could be the lucky one seeing your contemporaries and competition give you a standing ovation and raise a toast to you as you hear the words: And the Award for Best SME of the Year goes to - , and head for the podium to receive your Award!!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 31.08.2012
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    ISBN: 9788192461908
    Verlag: AuthorZilla.com
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