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A Reference Book on Credit and Collection von Lamoureux, Yves (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.11.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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A Reference Book on Credit and Collection

This book is meant to help the new comer to the field of credit and collection understand the basic principles that govern credit and collection; The history of credit, the structure of companies, the legal system, the bankruptcy laws. It is also meant to help solve practical problems regarding collection and legal actions. It is reader friendly and concise.


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A Reference Book on Credit and Collection

A word from the author

The beginning

When I was but a young man in my twenties, my brother, God bless his soul, told me that he would try to get me a job where he was employed in the accounting department of a major manufacturer of textile, it was called Consolidated Textiles. In fact, I would work in the accounts receivables department.

I was young and full of fire with no experience whatsoever, and that is why there are big brothers; to help you get a job when you are young and have no experience or knowledge of the work involved.

This was not my field and I had no understanding of the inner workings of a corporation. I could not understand the inner working of the industry I had become a part of.

Some aspects always eluded me especially when there was a problem to be solved.

I had noticed that I was lacking not only experience but the basic knowledge required in order to understand the work to be done. Since I was an avid reader of almost any subject, I tried to find a book that explained the credit department and its structure, its functions, how the system works and the job of the credit manager as a whole. I could not find in book stores something I could use as a reference book. I was really surprised that there were not many publications on the subject.

Eventually what must happen happened. They were very nice when they let me go, thanks to my brother probably. Still, they fired me and I felt demeaned, incompetent, and I swore it would never happen again. This had happened because I was uninformed.

A reference book

I went back to my studies and eventually wound up working in my thirties for a credit and collection association. I was destined to go back and finish what I had started as a young man.

Now, in my early sixties, I am writing this book to help others who feel the same way I did then.

I have been asked to write this book by people who are working presently in the credit and collection field because the last books to be written in French and English on credit and collection date back to the 1970's and 1990's.

Credit people are calling my office asking where they can find a reference book for their work, I tell them of those written in the 70's and 90's, but many things do not apply anymore: the laws have changed and credit has changed. The world was a lot different then.


Yes, the world has changed tremendously in the last 50 years in all walks of life; we went from propeller airplanes to jet planes and now we can reach Mars if we wish; there is a mission that is planned for a near future. We can cure certain forms of cancer if diagnosed early enough.

We can cure myopia; people do not have to wear glasses as they did fifty years ago and now there has been an evolution in the technology to the point that doctors operate the eyes by using laser beams, they do not have to make incisions with a scalpel anymore.

We do things today that would be considered science-fiction less than 50 years ago. The space station, the advancement in computer research; they are studying the possibility of creating computer chips made of organic matter which could store more information than is now possible.

And lately, I saw a video of a 3D printer developed in the United States that can reproduce physically an object that was scanned to be printed.

Instead of being printed on a piece of paper, it is replicated with a solution that binds together the powder particles used in the replicating process. It "replicates" the object in solid matter, with the moving parts. It comes close as a concept to the "replicator" machine that is part of the science of Star Trek.

Credit-based economy

Credit has not been stagnant in the last 50 years; it has also evolved to the point that most transactions in the world include giving credit to a customer, whether the customer is an individual o

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