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How a useless startup burns 25 millions in 3 days but then... von Marcovici, Michael (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2014
  • Verlag: Books on Demand
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How a useless startup burns 25 millions in 3 days

Did you observe new Startups burning Millions in just a few days? This is what happened more than once in recent years, however sometimes startups are successful. If you are seriously thinking about starting your own business you need to give deep consideration to a lot of factors before taking the plunge. A very high percentage of start-ups fail - often in a very short space of time. And the reasons for failure are numerous and wide-ranging. If you don't give sufficient thought and planning to your new venture it is very likely that you will be among them. It is always helpful to know of other people's experiences in these sort of areas. What they did - or didn't do - can provide you with clear pointers as to how you should proceed. Many people have been down the road and many have failed. Their failures might contain the seeds of your success if you are able to understand where they went wrong and use that information to your benefit. Running your own business takes guts and stamina - among lots of other qualities. If you are thinking of taking the plunge you will need - and deserve - a lot of luck. Good hunting!

Michael Marcovici was born in Vienna in 1969. He became interested in technology, especially electronics and mathematics, at the age of seven. By 12, he had worked as a programmer, and quit school at 17. He then started his first business in the financial field, publishing analysis on the financial markets a stock newsletter and managing funds, . From 1995 on he was the publisher of werk-zeug, a technology and art magazine, as well as streetfashion, a magazine featuring fashionable people on the streets of the world. He was also active as a software developer and inventor. Marcovici holds international patents for climbing equipment, bicycle gears, trading systems and electronic payment systems In 2001 Marcovici started to publish books on various polarizing topics from gun laws over finance, technology, society and much more. Marcovici is usually working together with bloggers and experts to give the reader a good overview over the topic from different angles and point of views.


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