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Managing Corporate Lifecycles von Adizes, Ichak Kalderon (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2014
  • Verlag: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber
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Managing Corporate Lifecycles

Now, in Managing Corporate Lifecycles, the long-awaited revised edition of Corporate Lifecycles, Dr. Adizes brings readers up-to-date on his theory and practice, showing you how to guide your company to PRIME faster and more efficiently Courtship, Infancy, the Wild Go-Go Years, and Adolescence. These are the stages every company goes through to reach what Dr. Adizes calls PRIME. In these critical early phases of company development, he shows you how to anticipate and handle typical problems--whether with product orientation, delegation of authority, goal-setting, managing employees, or leadership transition--then quickly move on and up. PRIME is your company's ideal stage of balanced creativity and discipline. Dr. Adizes offers proactive measures for maintaining focus and vision, nurturing cohesion, and building sales and profits, while achieving 'predictable excellence' and 'organizational fertility.' You'll also discover strategies for avoiding the typical downhill path--starting with the Signs of Aging (such as Risk Avoidance), the descent into Aristocracy, where power and protocol dominate; and culminating in the final stages of decay: Recrimination, Bureaucracy, and Death. In addition, Dr. Adizes provides powerful tools you can use to enhance organizational problem-solving capability, eliminate the structural causes of corporate aging, and raise a healthy organization. Dr. Adizes is a pioneer in the field of organizational therapy, and this book sets its foundations. Easing the pains of growing, Managing Corporate Lifecycles opens the way for your organization to thrive--indefinitely!

- - , ( ), , , Executive MBA MBA , . Leadership Excellence Journal. 1973 , , 52 . - Bank ofAmerica, Coca-Cola Bottling, IBM . 2013 .


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