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Leadership by Engagement Leading Through Authentic Character to Attract, Retain, and Energize von Redmond, Kathleen (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2013
  • Verlag: I C Publishing Inc.
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Leadership by Engagement

How do leaders triumph over the stress of unwanted turnover and poor performance to attain superior results? True leaders build a culture of engagement and trust in which ongoing high performance is the norm. Leadership by Engagement provides the tools, insights, and resources leaders need to attract, retain, and energize the best of the workforce and ensure sustainable success.


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Leadership by Engagement

The intention of Character - The Core is to shine a spotlight to the engagement crisis in the workplace, the impact of this state and a character based solution.

We will present the belief that inside out, character based leadership is the authentic, sustainable method of attracting retaining, and energizing talented employees who will make your organization a success.

Character-The Core

To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put our family in order; to put our family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must set our hearts right .


There is something wrong in the workplace. You likely have felt the crush of crises too often and have wondered why . The majority of people are less than fully engaged at work; they are not completely committed to what they are doing, and we need employee commitment for a variety of reasons.

Engagement can attract the best employees, keep them around, and inspire them to do their best for themselves and for your organization. Engagement is a win-win outcome that will ultimately help us maintain our high standard of living.

A lack of engagement may seem baffling in a well-educated, prosperous society. We should have no reason to feel anything but the rush of optimism and clarity of purpose, right? The issue of engagement cannot be addressed by saying we've got it good. Our prosperity is by no means guaranteed to last, and while some people are engaged, many others drag themselves to work and buy lottery tickets.

Years of experience as a manager and coach has given me insight as to why so many people aren't engaged. The simple answer is that there is a lack of trust in many leaders and therefore organizations.

The immediate issue for you, as the leader, is how to put your workplace in order by building character and engaging your team. The consequences of a poorly performing team are lost money, time, and opportunities, not to mention the damage to your sense of well-being when you devote your day to an environment fraught with a feeling of futility.

This book will explore our workplace crisis and how you can build a highly engaged culture through character-yours and that of your team members. Fortunately there is research to substantiate my observations and your gut feelings about the level of disengagement in the workplace.

Let's start with the numbers.
Gauging Our Engagement

A number of significant studies have revealed alarming data about engagement, or the lack thereof. Perhaps the most comprehensive and exciting of these is the Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study (2005). Conducted in 16 countries, the study found that of roughly 86,000 employees (median age 37, mostly managers, specialists or salaried staff), the vast majority are less than fully engaged.

In Canada as many are disengaged as are highly engaged, both at 17 percent.

The findings in the United States aren't much better, with 16 percent disengaged and 21 percent highly engaged. 1

Highly engaged employees freely give the extra effort, but disengaged employees might as well not even show up to work. Having been soured by negative experiences or their value systems, they have no respect for their organizations.

So, where do the rest fall? The largest segment, in almost every country, is that of "moderately engaged" employees. Moderate. Let the word tumble off your tongue. Do you want to hang your hopes on moderate? Middle of the road may work for politics and steeped tea, but in the business of engagement, moderate results are not enough.

"In Canada, as many are disengaged as are highly engaged, both at 17 percent."

What's on the Bottom Line?

Our standard of living is based, in large part, on the performance of our

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