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Maximizing Internal Communication Strategies to Turn Heads, Win Hearts, Engage Employees and Get Results. von Barton, Paul (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Maximizing Internal Communication

Too many organizations believe if messages are going out, they're getting through. This mistaken belief is costing them in terms of operational excellence and customer service. Employees today are being drowned in information that is not filtered, prioritized or put into context, so important messages are being lost or simply ignored by an overwhelmed and skeptical workforce. But with the right guiding principles, tools and strategies, you can create a highly effective internal communication program and engage employees in the your organization's success. Paul Barton, ABC, shows you how by sharing 20 years of on-the-job experience. In Maximizing Internal Communication, Paul gives you what you need to take your employee communication efforts to the next level. Start reading and maximizing your internal communication efforts today.


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Maximizing Internal Communication

What Others are Saying About

Paul Barton and Maximizing Internal Communication

"Paul Barton has a firm understanding of human nature grounded in decades of experience across industries. He knows as well as anyone how to connect the executive's mind with the employees' hearts. He understands how leaders can propel an organization forward through clear, inspirational communication, and how poor communication can derail even the best of intentions. Paul relentlessly champions the idea that the best path to organizational success is communicating effectively with employees at every level - not just talking at them, but listening and learning through an ongoing process. So many companies get this wrong, and their execution falls short as a consequence. They could benefit from reading Maximizing Internal Communication and thinking through how having a great communications strategy that is respectful of employees and brings them along with your vision and direction can make a huge difference."

&8764; Mike Bennett, Vice President, Communications,
Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies

"I've had the great fortune of working side-by-side with Paul Barton at three major companies - in the trenches and at the highest levels - tackling some of the most complex communication challenges imaginable. If you're looking for ways to bring purpose and vitality to your internal communication function and see your employees respond in ways you didn't think possible, then you too will want him by your side with Maximizing Internal Communication ."

&8764; Bruce Richardson, ABC, APR, Vice President,
Communications, PolyMet Mining Corp.

"If you want to learn how to use internal communication to drive business results, read this book. Paul Barton is THE expert in internal communication, and the wisdom he imparts in Maximizing Internal Communication will change the way you think about communication theory, internal communication strategies and how to use them to produce meaningful, measurable benefits for employees and the bottom line."

&8764; Lynne Boschee, APR, President of Calpurnia Communications
and former Vice President, Corporate Communications, PetSmartCorporate

"Paul Barton is a creative, innovative business communicator and a delight to work with. I've cited his hilarious, creative copywriting; his forward-thinking approach to the approval process; and his innovative insights on organizational voice in my workshops, articles and books. Now, thanks to Maximizing Internal Communication , we can all benefit from his tools, templates and proven practices."

&8764; Ann Wylie, IABC Gold Quill Award-winning writer and
editor, writing coach, trainer, consultant

"At Hawaiian Airlines, I relied heavily on Paul Barton's expertise in employee communication to help create healthy internal and external communication programs. He has a thorough understanding of how to engage employees and how to construct effective employee communication campaigns. At Hawaiian, Paul was paramount in creating a culture where internal communication was at the heart of our communication strategy, in contrast to the subordinate role it plays within many companies."

&8764; Al Hoffman, Owner, Hoffman Communications
and former Senior Vice President of Corporate
Communications and Public Affairs, Hawaiian Airlines

"I have been a fan of Paul Barton's for 20 years. He understands communication as a culture and a process, which only incidentally involves publications, broadcasts, websites and the like. Moreover, he appreciates the fact that communication depends first and last on its credibility, and that its credibility

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