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Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble: The Coming Deficit Debacle and How to Invest Now How Deficit Economics Will Change our Global Financial Climate von Koesterich, Russ (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2011
  • Verlag: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble: The Coming Deficit Debacle and How to Invest Now

Your Survival Guide to the Next Financial Storm ",Many commentators rant about budget deficits and the country's moral failings. Russ Koesterich calmly and objectively describes our downward economic spiral over the next 20 years and recommends the investments best suited for that journey.", Ron Kahn, Global Head of Research, BlackRock Scientific Active Equities, and coauthor of Active Portfolio Management ",A must-read for anyone who has ever touched currency or heard of money.", Vadim Zlotnikov, Chief Market Strategist, AllianceBernstein ",A useful book that underlines an essential reality: Americans will not be returning to the old normal. We must adapt to a changing world that presents us with new risks and opportunities. The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble broadens and deepens a conversation we have to have.", Ian Bremmer, President, Eurasia Group, and author of The J Curve and The End of the Free Market ",This book gives investors practical and easy-to-follow solutions on how to protect their investments and financial future.", Arthur B. Laffer, founder and CEO, Laffer Associates, and author of The End of Prosperity ",A superb book. Russ Koesterichs recommendations spanning financial and real assets are insightful, relevant, and pragmatic. Russ is among the select few veterans of the investment management profession who are able to project academic insights faithfully, offer compelling investment adviceand write a page-turner.", S. P. Kothari, Deputy Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management ",The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble is a well-crafted book. At every turn the author explains the rationale for including or excluding particular assets in a portfolio, especially as they react to higher interest rates, slower growth, and possible inflation. The investor who is worried about protecting his wealth in the coming decade(s) would do well to consider Koesterichs advice.",SeekingAlpha.com ",A helpful, methodical 'financial playbook' for realistic investors. Highly recommended for those planning to invest over the next five years or more. It is not easy to find books that combine debt macroeconomics with sound financial advice, but Koesterich manages it well.", Library Journal About the Book: The next financial disaster is around the corner. Are you prepared? With the nation's deficit expanding into the trillions of dollars, investors need to be prepared for the inevitableand potentially devastatingfallout. Most economists agree that interest rates will rise, inflation will likely be higher, and virtually every aspect of our economy will be affected. Smart investors need to ask themselves: How should I invest today to survive the storm tomorrow? The answer is in this brilliantly calculated, forward-thinking investment guide from Black-Rock strategist Russ Koesterich. He'll show you exactly what to expect in the new deficit economyand how to handle your finances smartly, safely, and securely . . . Stocks and Bonds: How to Invest in a Rising Rate Environment Real Estate: How the Deficit Will Affect the Market Commodities: The Benefits of Owning Real Assets Portfolio Management: What You Should Do Before It's Too Late More than a collection of fascinating financial predictions, The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble offers solid advice on a wide range of investment options. You'll discover which markets are hot--and which are notwhen the storm finally hits. You'll find out if Treasury bonds are right for youand why commodities will be even more important in the future. You'll learn the best ways to invest in real estate, how to handle your growing debt, and how to manage higher interest rates for everything from mortgages to savings accounts. Most important, you'll be able to apply these professional insights into building a stronger portfolio for you and your family. Just because the government is gambling with our future doesn't mean you should. The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble offers a winning game plan to help you protect and build your wealth


    Format: ePUB
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    Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2011
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780071754040
    Verlag: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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