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The Greatest Leaders Do the Least von Williams, Debi (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 10.10.2011
  • Verlag: Tesla Press
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The Greatest Leaders Do the Least

After years of trying one technique after another, Dr. Williams has designed a system that limits the pressure and stress that you cannot control so you can better concentrate on the areas where you can.


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The Greatest Leaders Do the Least

Chapter 1


Small business owners wear many hats. They must fulfill the roles of CEO, CFO, and personnel officer. Sometimes they are responsible for marketing, public relations, and janitorial duties. I discovered that owning a business was lonely. Sometimes I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as I dealt with budgets, taxes, employee issues, and deadlines. The pressure of tackling the business end of the office while treating patients took its toll.

I had devoted years of my life learning to extract painful teeth, restore fractured molars, and replant knocked-out incisors in an effort to preserve a patient's smile. I realized that I was not making money when I seated patients, called in prescriptions, helped clean operatories, or answered the phone. I made money when I performed the tasks only the dentist could do. This practice was my baby, and no one knew better than me how to run it, but I was burned out. Something had to be done.

One day I wrote down all the duties I was doing at that time. They included:

Dentist Payroll Administrator - at this point I was calculating payroll myself with a calculator Personnel Officer - maintaining employee files Training new employees Dealing with disgruntled patients/parents Accounts Receivable and Payable - paying bills and sending statements Office Supervisor - dealing with vacation and sick leave, health insurance and retirement, time clock Safety Officer - dealing with the health department regarding radiation and drugs in our office, ensuring dental licenses were current OSHA Officer - dealing with new regulations and annual blood-borne training HIPAA Officer - keeping current and regulating the privacy protection Security Officer - keeping current and regulating the security of our computers Public relations - scheduling oral hygiene talks at schools and clubs Advertising - phone book, newspaper, website and any other advertising Computer maintenance - monthly upkeep and back-up Building maintenance - window washing, lawn care, repairs Dental equipment upkeep and repair New equipment acquisition Ordering dental sundries and office supplies - a weekly battle
Was it any wonder I was worn out? Of course my employees helped me complete these tasks when asked, but I was the person who was ultimately responsible for remembering when the tasks needed to be completed. Then I realized the problem: It was impossible to do my primary job (dentistry) while worrying about the minute-to-minute details of running the business. So I gathered all the duties into common themes, and assigned them to individual employees who would be responsible for ensuring the tasks were done on time each month.


Personnel Officer

Payroll - daycare checks, retirement, health insurance

Personnel issues - flexible

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