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What A Hoot! Let's Recruit! Are You Tired of Hiring the Wrong People? von Jensen, Jeffrey S (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.12.2014
  • Verlag: Aviva
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What A Hoot! Let's Recruit!

The best tool available today to set you apart from your competition in the art of recruiting well. Avoid making the 'bad hires' and spend your time on the positive energy of growing your company or association with a new found energy. Use this book as more of an app to be applied immediately to give you instantaneous results. Recruiting is a 'HOOT' if you have the key. To your success!


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What A Hoot! Let's Recruit!

Chapter 1


this is so easy...

"Some people want it to happen,
Some wish it would happen,
Others make it happen."

- Michael Jordan

One of the first things you want to do to begin recruiting quality employees is to establish what it is you want to do with your company or organization. What is your culture? As you lead, where are you going? Whom do you need to get you there?

In this book, you will learn the steps that will help you to answer those questions and the techniques to help you get what you want. Please understand that no company will be able to engage all of the techniques you are about to learn in this book. I have accumulated some really great techniques that have worked well over my thirty years of recruiting experience. This experience has come through trial and error of concepts, marketing experiments, and different mousetraps that have proven themselves over time. Hats off to you if you are able to implement a majority of the techniques in this book, but if you get really good with just a few that fit your culture, you will have unbridled success in your recruiting efforts.

Your Culture Is Your Brand

So how do you get started in defining your culture? That begins with you! Great leaders seek out other great leaders. They realize that no one person can do everything on his or her own. Through group collaboration, real success comes to life. A strong culture has to start with you! Embedding solid principles and practices that will withstand diversity and distractions may, at times, be out of your control. Too many changes in a company's culture year after year will cause you to lose momentum. We will identify a timeframe together later in this chapter that can work for you as a basis to apply your culture.

Culture is the sum result of the vision + mission + core values that you and your company's leaders create.

These three things must be clearly developed and defined before you can begin to build your culture. The vision is where your company is going, the mission is where your company is today, and your company's purpose and its core values are the best practices and priorities you set in place for everyone to honor.

When you stay focused on defining and clarifying these three components of your culture, you'll find that the culture will begin to develop automatically. By following this upfront plan, you will build a more attractive culture and appeal to the high quality recruits you will be working with yourself. Your selected candidates will bring their high quality friends, and their friends, and their friends. These people will attract high quality clients. Business is easy. Life is good!

If you don't define your culture, your employees will, and that is when the wheels start to come off the bus.

From time to time, some minor tinkering may be required to update your vision + mission + core values to remain a vibrant company. Embrace change. It really is the only constant, so let yourself get comfortable and roll with it.

Establishing your company's culture is absolutely essential to a successful recruiting effort for everyone involved. I can't stress enough how imperative it is that the people you are seeking for your company understand your culture. A clear vision must be defined that shows where your company is today and where your company expects to be in the future. That is your first step in defining culture.

Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh learned early on how critical culture is to attract the right people to your company. Zappos' culture is different in many ways. For example, the company offers a life coach for employees and a library with free books; all new hires train in the call center, no matter what their positions are. After training, they are offered a certain percentage of their

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