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Consumer Buying Behaviour von Kengthon, Wanchat (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.01.2011
  • Verlag: GRIN Publishing
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Consumer Buying Behaviour

Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Economics - Micro-economics, , language: English, abstract: A company may think that if it can provide the perfect product to the customers, they will buy it. Many customers are brand loyalty therefore sometimes the good products cannot be competing with the good brand. However factors influencing consumer behaviour is not only the product itself but also advertising, which can be one of the most important factors affected purchasing decision. Typically every company realise an essential of advertising as it is shown in the profit and loss statement. Moreover it is noticeable that budget for advertising always high. It is well-known fact that advertising plays an important role in people's daily lives. The advertising is available anywhere both inside and outside home. Recent research suggests that people spend two and a half hours on average watching television (Livingstone and Bovill, 1999 cited Dickinson, 2000). This essay critically analyses and evaluates the major factors that could affect consumer buying behaviour. Nevertheless, I would like to base my overall main points on advertising as the major factors which would makes it a lot easier and I could focus on this scenario and hopefully answer all my questions. Throughout this essay, the term of advertising covers all media for instance television, radio, newspaper, direct mail, yellow pages, magazine, billboards, leaflets and even on film (Perreault and McCarthy 1999, p.450). This essay is divided into three sections. Firstly it will look at what consumer behaviour is, I will analyse and evaluate the major factors. Secondly it will discuss the importance of the advertising, show my understanding and explain why it is important to successful marketing. I will, thirdly, analyse the consumers' attitude and advertising. Finally this review will mention about advertising influences consumers buying food. Also, identify and evaluate key differences between organisational and consumer purchasing and discuss their implications for marketers.


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