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Will Predictive Behavioral Targeting Change Online & Direct Marketing Ways? von Kharabanda, Raj Pal Singh (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.08.2010
  • Verlag: diplom.de
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Will Predictive Behavioral Targeting Change Online & Direct Marketing Ways?

Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: Over the time, many Internet users have rejected online advertisement. The reason is that users do not associate with the ordinary advertisement and therefore can not find a connection to it. The products and services shown on websites are not what a particular user wants to have, wishes or needs. This capstone should emphasize that through 'Predictive Behavioral Targeted' advertisement the insensitivity will be increased significantly in comparison to ordinary online advertisement while talking about WEB 2.0. Advertisement for specific products will be created and developed just for exact kinds of people and not for the mass. That will sell products much faster and companies or advertisement agencies do not have to place unnecessary spots, banners, etc. on websites anymore. This document will give precise analyzed information and answers to the question if 'Predictive Behavioral Targeting will change Online and Direct Marketing ways in near future'. To understand the principles of online marketing I will explain how traditional online marketing has been established, what kinds of marketing have been used the most, which ones have been most effective, which ones will continue to grow and have a huge impact on our society and its buying patterns.Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.Introduction1 1.1Problem Statement1 1.2The Establishment of the Online Advertisement2 2.Standard Banner Sizes3 2.1Effectiveness of Special Banner Implementation5 2.2Development of Banner & Co5 3.Behavior and Reasons for Internet Users6 3.1Behavior Profile7 3.2Internet Usage8 3.3Study of Users in Social Networks8 3.4Registration Behavior9 3.5Activity Level10 3.6Behavior in Changes of Social Networks10 3.7Acceptance of Online Advertisement on Social Networks11 4.Market Share of Online Advertisement11 5.Development through Time11 6.Direct Marketing Overview12 7.Decrease of Transaction Cost13 8.Search Engine Marketing14 8.1Optimization of Search Engine Hit Lists14 8.1.1Page Rank By Google15 8.2Process Optimization16 8.3Popularity16 8.4Product Information16 8.5Company's Information16 8.6Quality of the Content17 8.7Internationality17 8.8Additional Information17 9.Personalization17 10.Payment Methods for Search Engines17 11.Banner Advertisement Definition18 11.1Banner Advertisement Payment Possibilities18 12.E-Mail Marketing Definition18 12.1Different Forms of E-Mail Marketing19 12.2Payment Methods of E-Mail [...]


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