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You Can Get the Truth - You Can Fix the World A Step By Step Guide. von Fedison, Joe (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.08.2012
  • Verlag: You Can Get The Truth
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You Can Get the Truth - You Can Fix the World

I have written a book that will fix the world. This book doesn't detail the problems of society nor does it analyze the effects of bad decisions. It is a 'How To' guide that shows exactly what needs to be done to fix any problem that has a solution. It is written so anyone can use the techniques described and it doesn't require a college degree, money, or political connections. Readers will learn simple methods for exposing the truth, finding solutions to most of the world's problems and implementing them today, not ten years in the future. Our world needs people to tell the truth and that needs to happen now. Someone has to stand up, put people on the spot and tell it like it is. If we don't, we will continue to spiral down a path that doesn't lead to a good place. What would happen if several million people had the skills to expose the truth about issues that plague our country and the world and knew how to fix the problems? I am totally convinced that people are fed up and are searching for the formula that will fix what is wrong with our world. I believe with the right tools they will be successful because of the following: 1. There are more good people in the world than bad. 2. Right is always better than wrong. 3. People want to know the truth. 4. Good people will act against what's wrong when they know the truth. So that's it, all we need is the truth. What if there was a way to get to the truth on just about every issue out there? What if you could learn how to accomplish that? I have a plan. I have written it in this book. There is no doubt this plan will work. The only variable is 'when' it will work. It could work right now. There is absolutely no logical reasoning why it can't. Whether you believe me or not, you will not be able to deny the truths this book will deliver.


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You Can Get the Truth - You Can Fix the World


Growing up, whenever I heard a statistic or "so called" fact in the news, I just assumed it must be true. It's in the news, why would reporters lie? As I became older, some of these "facts" didn't make sense and even though I had no proof, I was thinking of the questions that could be asked to verify the details.

In college I began to notice some of the challenges in the world, that appeared to be easy to solve, were reported as difficult situations that we were stuck with. Watching television day after day, I find it hard to believe I am the only one who sees this. Am I the only one frustrated by the issues being debated, spun and attacked that have solutions, where even the best word spinner could not deny them?

So as I watch, I am waiting for the reporter, interviewer, or government investigative panel to ask the obvious questions that could get right to the bottom of the issue. They could expose the truth, the problem would be solved and we could move on to the next challenge. Unfortunately, the right questions are rarely asked and all I can think is, "How can that be?" And I truly believe I am not the only one who feels there may be a problem here.

Every once in awhile I would discuss these issues with my friends and was puzzled to discover that some of them see it and some of them don't. I realized that when people are presented with undeniable proof, they still may not believe you. Maybe this is the reason why you can have a problem with a definitive solution and have millions of people on opposite sides of the issue. How can that be if it has already been solved? It's either right or wrong, there are no sides. My first thought is that I am glad these people are not in charge of making major decisions for the entire country. Then I think maybe they are and maybe that is the problem.

I can't tell my friends what to think. I can't tell you how to feel about certain situations or issues. Most of the time it doesn't matter, because you probably aren't the one making decisions that affect everyone else. The problem arises when decision makers have all the facts and proof in front of them and choose to make a bad decision. That decision then adversely affects other people directly or indirectly, either now or in the future.

It seems simple to me. If someone is in a position of making decisions for you, wouldn't you expect them to follow a few basic rules, especially if your money pays their salary? The first rule is they should tell the truth. Another rule would be, if their decisions cost you money, they should get the best value for that money. This list of rules could go on, but the last one should be: If their decision doesn't make sense, then you are allowed to question them before they make a mistake. Why does this even have to be said? It is common sense and I am sure you won't find too many people who would disagree with these rules. You will actually find people who claim this is how it works, but I could find others who can prove it doesn't.

I always had a knack for finding the truth, I thought it was easy. You find out what the problem is, learn what the facts are and then use common sense and logic to prove whether it is right or wrong, true or false. Sometimes this wasn't enough to get to the truth. The reason is because some people don't want you to know the truth. I learned how to add a few extra steps that made it nearly impossible for someone to lie to me. I realized, through discussions with my friends, that not many people approach problem solving the way I do. I am the person you didn't want to get in to a discussion with, because I was constantly fact checking and questioning your reasoning. I just wanted to be told the truth when having a conversation. The benefit to me was being able to make a mental list of

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