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Charlie Chaplin Greatest Male Screen Legend of all Time von Duthel, Heinz (eBook)

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Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin

His luck began to change when Pathé's top comedy star left to work with the

Italian film company Itala leaving Linder as the companies leading comedic

actor. Later in 1909 Gasnier returned from Italy and immediately began

working with Linder again. The team made several shorts in 1909 with Linder

is various roles such as a blind elderly man and a coquettish young woman.

But they soon discovered that the character of "Max" was the most popular

with audiences and stuck with the character from then on. Among the

popular "Max" films made by Linder and Grasnier in 1909 are A Young Lady

Killer and The Cure for Cowardice

By 1910 Linder had proved himself to Pathé and was quickly becoming one

of the most popular film actors in the world. When Gasnier was sent to the

United States later that year to oversee Pathé's productions there took over

as Linder's director. Together they made such films as Max takes a bath and


Charly Chaplin

the autobiographical Max Linder's Film Debut which fictiously recreates the

legend of Linder's early film career and includes as himself. By the end of the

year Linder had become the most popular film actor in the world. Although

actress is often referred to as "The First Movie Star" in the United States

Linder appears to be the very first worldwide movie star with a major

following. In he was voted the most popular film actor ahead of . He also

had a Russian impersonator Zozlov and was a devoted fan. Another

professed fan was British playwright . The first feature film ever made in was

a remake of one of Linder's earlier films. He was offered $12000 to spend a

month in making public appearances with his film screenings but had to

decline for health reasons. In France a Max Linder movie theater had opened

in Paris. At the height of his fame Linder ended 1910 with a serious illness.

He was forced to stop making films when left him bedridden and some

newspapers reported that he had died. He eventually recovered the following

spring and began making films again in May 1911.

In 1911 Linder returned to filmmaking and began co-directing his own films

(with ) as well as writing the scripts. By 1912 he was the solo director of his

films. Gaining complete control over his own films brought positive results

both critically and commercially and the films Linder made during this period

are generally considered to be his best. is considered by film critic Jean Mitry

to be "his masterpiece." In the film an intoxicated "Max" gets into numerous

fights with such dignitaries are the Minister of War an ambassador and the

police commissioner all of whom challenge him to a duel and present him

with their business cards. Eventually "Max" is apprehended by the police who

attempt to return him to his residence but end up mistakenly taking him to

the homes of the various men whom he had previously fought with. The

universality of silent films brought Linder fame and fortune throughout

Europe making him the highest paid entertainer of the day with an salary

increase of 150000 francs (at the time the average monthly salary in France

was 100 francs). He began touring Europe with his films from 1911 to 1912

including where he entertained thousands of fans at the train stationand

where he was accompanied on piano by a young . In 1912 after the tour

Linder demanded and received a salary of one million francs a year and used

the huge sum to add publicity with an ad reading "We understand that the

shackles which bind Max Linder have attained the value of one million francs

a year. .the imagination boggles at such a figure!" This set a precedent in the

entertainment industry for

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