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Huns Inc. We Yearn To Burn Fox 2/7 in Vietnam von Murtha, Gary D. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.03.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Huns Inc. We Yearn To Burn

'HUNS INC. WE YEARN TO BURN' 2012 by Gary Murtha, is the story of the 'F Troopers' of Foxtrot Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division that served in the Republic of Vietnam in 1967. Fox 2/7 was a small unit in a much larger war that took 58,272 lives of which many were 'F Troopers.'


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Huns Inc. We Yearn To Burn

Uncle Sam Needs Me?

I was nineteen and working in the mailroom at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri in the spring of 1966. I was very aware of the military draft so one day I called the draft board to get an idea as to where my position was. They informed me that I should have already received a notice, but if not I would receive one very soon. No one in my family had ever been drafted so I called the different branches of service to see who had the best enlistment deal. The Army, Air Force and Navy only offered 3 and 4 year enlistments, but the Marines had a 2 year one. The current draft was for 2 years of service so I decided to join the Marines so the stigma of being drafted wouldn't affect my family. I knew absolutely nothing about the Marine Corps. Two of my friends, Jeff Carrel and Jerry Boston, signed up for the USMC "buddy plan" with me. We were guaranteed to stay together during training. Eight weeks of San Diego boot camp and a few weeks of infantry training at Camp Pendleton had us trained and ready to be shipped off to Vietnam. I was given the designation of rifleman (0311) and would soon understand why the USMC was the only one offering a 2 year enlistment. They told me in boot camp that I had to kill at least 10 Viet Cong, before being killed, to be considered a real Marine. That was a goal I wanted to achieve.

Jeff Carrel - Gary Murtha-Jerry Boston

On 6 December 1966 we boarded the General Leroy Eltinge, a massive troop carrier held over from World War II, for our 23 day journey to Vietnam. Along the way we stopped at Hawaii for some quick repairs, Naha Okinawa for Christmas day liberty and then we raced towards hell. One morning the dragon rose from the ocean floor and called out to the young warriors on our boat, "Welcome to Vietnam." Just like the old war movies we climbed down the side of our ship, using a large rope net, into a waiting landing craft. We were in the harbor of Da Nang and it was the 28th of December 1966. After one night in Da Nang I boarded a C-130 aircraft for a flight to the Chu Lai Air Base then a truck ride to my company area. The "buddy plan" was over as my two friends and I were sent to different units.

Fox 2/7 was my unit and home for the next 12 months. Our current base was fairly safe with sturdy tents to sleep in, a great mess hall and a place where we could shower. I was thinking that I had lucked out being sent to a big base like this until I was told to go to the supply tent and locate the personal effects of two missing in action Marines. Then a Marine who had just been released from a hospital came into my tent and started showing off his scar where he had been shot. Within 3 days I boarded a chopper to join my company on an operation called "Sierra." The clock was ticking and I would learn that a year has a lot of one minute lifetimes in it. Survival time for the "Kansas City Kid."

January 1967

Location : 1-21 January 2nd Battalion at Nghia Hanh, and Duc Pho, Mo Duc District, Quang Ngai Province, RVN.

21-31 January Battalion Rear, Chu Lai, RVN Quang Tin Province.

21-31 January Chu Lai (Hill 5), RVN. BS 545957 Quang Ngai Province.

Maps : Viet Nam 1:50,000 AMS Series L7014, Sheets 6738 I, 6739 II and 6838 IV

Operations : Operation Sierra

Foxtrot 2/7 Commanding officer:

Captain Vostry 1-3 January 1967

1st Lieutenant Higgins 4 January 1967

1 January

Zippo on . Happy New Year?

2 January

The body of a Fox MIA (lost 23 December 1966 when two men were swept away in a swift river current) was reported to be in the village of Phuoc Hoa (2) in the vicinity of BS 684521. The body was in enemy hands. Foxtrot dispatched two platoons to retrieve the body and received small arms fire as they approached the area. The enemy brok

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