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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration Real World Skills for Red Hat Administrators von Vugt, Sander van (eBook)

  • Verlag: Sybex
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration

The definitive guide to administering a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 network
Linux professionals who need a go-to guide on version 6 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) will find what they need in this comprehensive Sybex book. It covers RHEL administration in detail, including how to set up and manage web and mail services, use RHEL in enterprise environments, secure it, optimize storage, configure for virtualization and high availability, and much more. It also provides a great study aid for those preparing for either the RHCSA or RHCE certification exam.

Red Hat is the Linux market leader, and Red Hat administrators are in demand
This Sybex guide is a comprehensive resource on Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration and useful for those preparing for one of the Red Hat certification exams
Covers setting up and managing web and mail services, using RHEL in enterprise environments, securing RHEL, and optimizing storage to fit your environment
Explores advanced RHEL configurations, including virtualization and high availability
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration is the guide Linux professionals and Red Hat administrators need to stay current on the newest version.

Sander van Vugt is an independent technical trainer, consultant, and author of numerous titles on Linux. He has been using Linux almost since its inception, having first used it in 1992. Sander currently spends much of his time travelling around the world teaching Linux, including Red Hat. He is also a regular contributor to such publications as searchenterpriselinux.com and a frequent speaker at the leading Linux conferences.


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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Administration

Table of Exercises
Exercise 1.1   Installing Linux on Your Machine Exercise 2.1   Discovering the Use of Pipes Exercise 2.2   Using grep in Pipes Exercise 2.3   Redirecting Output to a File Exercise 2.4   Using Redirection of STDIN Exercise 2.5   Separating STDERR from STDOUT Exercise 2.6   Replacing Text with vi Exercise 2.7   Working with man -k Exercise 3.1   Managing Jobs Exercise 3.2   Managing Processes with ps and kill Exercise 3.3   Using nice to Change Process Priority Exercise 3.4   Running a Task from cron Exercise 3.5   Mounting a USB Flash Drive Exercise 3.6   Creating Links Exercise 3.7   Archiving and Extracting with tar Exercise 3.8   Configuring Logging Exercise 4.1   Setting Up Your Own Repository Exercise 4.2   Working with yum Exercise 4.3   Installing Software with yum Exercise 4.4   Finding More Information About Installed Software Exercise 4.5   Extracting Files from RPM Packages Exercise 5.1   Creating Partitions Exercise 5.2   Creating a File System Exercise 5.3   Setting a File System Label Exercise 5.4   Mounting Devices Through /etc/fstab Exercise 5.5   Fixing /etc/fstab Problems Exercise 5.6   Creating LVM Logical Volumes Exercise 5.7   Extending a Logical Volume Exercise 5.8   Extending a Volume Group Exercise 5.9   Reducing a Logical Volume Exercise 5.10   Managing Snapshots Exercise 5.11   Creating a Swap File Exercise 5.12   Creating an Encrypted Device Exercise 5.13   Mounting an Encrypted Device Automatically Exercise 6.1   Working with Services Exercise 6.2   Configuring a Network Interface with ip Exercise 6.3   Setting a Fixed IPv6 Address. Exercise 6.4

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