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Quicklet on Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist (CliffNotes-like Summary) von McGee, Faith (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 24.02.2012
  • Verlag: Hyperink
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Quicklet on Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist (CliffNotes-like Summary)

ABOUT THE BOOK'Oliver Twist' was a departure from the world that Dickens created when he wrote 'The Pickwick Papers', according to David Perdue's Charles Dickens Home Page. Unlike other Victorian writers at the time, Dickens exposed the seamy side of England by writing about prostitutes and criminals.Characters such as John Dawkins a.k.a. The Artful Dodger, Fagin, Charley Bates and Nancy shocked readers. In fact, Nancy's murder has been a source of contention for scholars and critics who felt like the scene was over-the-top, according to The Guardian. It was later discovered that Dickens used a real life account of a prostitutes murder to write the scene.Because of his early childhood experience at the workhouse, Dickens is able to paint a vivid picture in 'Oliver Twist' of the lower class and their grim conditions. In this world, every class has their own bad apples. The poor and middle class are not automatically dishonest and opportunistic. Those in power such as the Mr. Bumble and Monks are just as ruthless as Fagin.MEET THE AUTHORFaith McGee is a writer from San Francisco. She writes articles, blogs, content for websites and fiction. Her portfolio may be viewed at FROM THE BOOKOliver is sent to apprentice under an undertaker, Sowerberry. His experience at the undertaker's house is dire and he fights with one of Sowerberry's sons after his mother is called ",a regular right-down bad 'un",. To escape his poor treatment at the undertaker's house, Oliver leaves to wander the streets. While meandering towards London, Oliver runs into a pickpocket, The Artful Dodger. Oliver's innocence prevents him from reconizing the fact that he is being thrown into a criminal ring run by Fagin.Sent to out to ",make handkerchiefs",, Oliver witnesses The Artful Dodger and his crony, Charley Bates, steal a handkerchief. Unfortunately, Oliver is suspected of the theft and taken to court by Mr. Brownlow. At the proceedings, a witness comes forward and clears Oliver of the crime. Oliver faints and Mr. Brownlow takes him home to nurse him back to health. Life in the Brownlow household is glorious for Oliver. He is fed other things besides gruel.Buy a copy to keep reading!


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