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Bullet-proof Pyjamas von Strahan, Derek (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.10.2011
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Bullet-proof Pyjamas

A theater play, this is best described as a romantic comedy dealing with different kinds of sexual preference. Four women are in love with the same Russian millionaire, but he is in love with the young gay Spanish private eye he has employed to spy on his young wife whom he suspects of infidelity. His conventional front hides darker passions. The four women in love with him are his wife, her sister (his ex-fiancee), his secretary and his confidante, an S&M specialist. The four men involved are two as above plus the wife's lover, a frivolous adman, and a gay man who runs a military disposal store and who helps to find the bullet-proof pyjamas of the title. The emphasis is on dialogue and situation. There is optional, incidental nudity as the play opens, and, in the last scene, a discretely staged sexual encounter that is interrupted by unexpected arrivals. The author claims, as influences, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and Restoration dramatists such as Richard Sheridan.


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Bullet-proof Pyjamas




It is mid-morning. The Living Room is designed to an open plan, with a bar/kitchen at the back. The furniture is conceived with comfort in mind, and a capacious and wide lounge dominates the room. It reflects a contemporary use of TV and Internet, with some shelf space devoted to books and audio playback equipment. The scene is clearly one of post-coital relaxation. To reflect accurately the post-coital nonchalance of two lovers who are at ease with each other, the scene should be played naked until they begin to get dressed. However, if the director regards this mode of performance to be in bad taste or too challenging for prevailing audience tolerance or too much in defiance of contemporary censorship laws, it can, of course, be played with sufficient concealment of body parts by minimal clothing to allow the play to be performed in public. Victor and Jackie are decoratively strewn over the lounge. Their clothes are decoratively strewn over other items of furniture.

VICTOR: So why did you marry your husband?

JACKIE: Oh, I do wish you wouldn't keep asking me that.


JACKIE: Because I'm not sure I can answer.

VICTOR: Can't or don't want to?

JACKIE: Does it matter?

VICTOR: If it stops you answering, yes.

JACKIE: Well, it does.

VICTOR: Just suppose for a moment that you could answer.

JACKIE: I refuse to suppose any such thing.

VICTOR: But if you could tell me why you married your husband ... ? What's his name?

JACKIE: You know perfectly what his name is.

VICTOR: I keep forgetting.

JACKIE: Ridiculous.

VICTOR: No. Psychological. A mental block. Oh yes. I remember. Igor.

JACKIE: See? You can remember.

VICTOR: It's difficult. Over the past month you've told me so little about him.

JACKIE: That's because there's very little to tell.

VICTOR: All I know is that he's rich. How rich?


VICTOR: So he's called Igor and he's very rich. Is he Russian?

JACKIE: He used to be.

VICTOR: Right. So getting back to my question. If you could tell me why you married him, what would you tell me?

JACKIE: That's cheating.

VICTOR: Just suppose.

JACKIE: Oh well. I suppose you might say ...


JACKIE: I suppose you might say I found myself in a bizarre over-decorated church of a strange religion ...

VICTOR: How strange?

JACKIE: Russian orthodox.

VICTOR: Good God! Is Igor religious?

JACKIE: Not in the least. It was all just for show. Vast numbers of his relatives flew in from all parts of the world, wearing odd fancy dress type clothing. A terrifying priest with hair all over his face and dressed in a dressing gown stood in front of us ...

VICTOR: Us? You mean you and Igor?

JACKIE: Well, of course. That was the whole point, don't you see. I was getting married to him.

VICTOR: Sorry for interrupting. Please go on. This is fascinating.

JACKIE: For you perhaps. For me it was terrifying. The priest suddenly started singing in a very deep bass voice. Right in my ear almost. It was much too loud, but I couldn't move away.

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