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Biography of Nicolas Sarkozy von McEwen, Sara (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2012
  • Verlag: Hyperink
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Biography of Nicolas Sarkozy

ABOUT THE BOOK Nicolas Sarkozy is one of the Frances most prominent and popular politicians. Sarkozy, the current president of France, has been a member of the French political party Union for a Popular Movement since 2002, known in France as Union pour un Mouvement Populaire. Since becoming the President of France in 2007, he has been hailed by both left and right wing political parties, who praised many of his policies. Although many of Sarkozy's actions as the President of France have been popular, he has often attracted criticism from those who take a strictly liberal approach. One such controversial policy is the banning of burqas in public, a head dress that is voluntarily worn by some Muslim women. While Sarkozy has been criticized for this policy, he also been heralded for the moves he has taken to strengthen France's international relations. Prior to becoming the President of France, Sarkozy took on other positions within the French government. He spent four years in total as the Minister of the Interior, eight months as the Minister of Finance, two as the Minister of the Budget, and 19 years as the Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine. His political career followed a surprisingly average education as a child, and a slightly more remarkable education as an adult. Throughout his career to date, Sarkozy has managed to instigate several changes within France. These changes have not only gained him praise from those who live there, they have also gained him international recognition. European countries have given him several awards, including the Holy See. MEET THE AUTHOR Debbie J. is an experienced writer and a member of the Hyperink Team, which works hard to bring you high-quality, engaging, fun content. Happy reading! EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Nicolas Paul Stephane Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa is the son of Hungarian aristocrat Pal Istvan Erno Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa. His mother, Andree Jeanne ",Dadu", Mallah, is of French Catholic origin, and she raised her son in the French Catholic tradition. The couple got married on the 8th of February 1950, and Andree gave birth to Sarkozy five years later on the 28th of January, 1955. Sarkozy's parents originally moved to Paris in 1950, and settled in the city's 17th arrondissement. His older brother, Guillaume was born in 1951, and his younger brother Francois was born in 1957. In 1959, Sarkozy's parents divorced, and his father left the family to marry another woman. He later went on to have two more children with his second wife. Despite being the wealthy owner of an advertising agency, Sarkozy's father refused to give his ex-wife any financial support. Following their divorce, Sarkozy's mother was forced to move in with her father, who owned a small mansion in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Sarkozy recalls rarely seeing his father after he left, something which he claims shaped the person he is today. His paternal influence instead came from his grandfather, who converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Sarkozy was influenced by his Gaullist grandfather, and states that the former president Charles de Gaulle and Pope John Paul II are two of his strongest influences.CHAPTER OUTLINEBiography of Nicolas Sarkozy+ Introduction+ Nicolas Sarkozy's Background and Upbringing+ Nicolas Sarkozy's Major Accomplishments and Awards+ Nicolas Sarkozy's Personal Life+ ...and much more


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