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Criminal Democracy von Birch, Al (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.05.2013
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Criminal Democracy

This book is a story of a Jewish family........ What happens when a senior employee does not cooperate with influential people in the organization? If the issue of disagreement is major he has to leave the company. If he is lucky and the organization is decent he can continue with his life and he will be OK. If he is not lucky, the nightmare begins. I worked in such organization and the book describes the consequences. What happens if you are not in good terms with a senior employee of an intelligence agency? The senior employee has access to tools that can hurt you. What can stop this behavior? This behavior can be stopped by high moral standards and enforcement of the law. What happens if both do not exist? The author describes these situations in the book. The biography describes my extended family. Being Jewish, my family survived the horrible times of Second World War II in Europe, called holocaust, with the help of the good German, Mr. Schindler (From the movie 'The Schindler's List'). The book describes the holocaust from my family's point of view. My family emigrated twice, one time my parents emigrated in 1950 from Poland to Israel and the other time my family emigrated in 1989 from Israel to the US. There is a lot of optimism and hope before immigrating to a new country, but often the actual experience is hard. Probably many immigrants can share some parts of my experience. My hope is that the book will intrigue changes in the political system in Israel. These are big expectations and most chances are that nothing will change. I hope that I am wrong. If nothing changes I believe that there will be more victims, and the next one might be you. So, do not sit comfortably in your couch and think that this cannot happen to you, because it can. I show also the complex relationship within my family. Again, if you are not lucky to belong to a supportive family, it might hunt you all your life. As a teenager I was told that your family and your country are your closest friends. To me both were proven wrong. Most of the book is based on actual events and experiences. However there are some parts where I used my imagination and creativity. Enjoy the reading.


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