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Poseidon in Atlantis von Strahan, Derek (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.10.2013
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Poseidon in Atlantis

POSEIDON IN ATLANTIS This is the second of 4 dramas in the Atlantis cycle. In the first, 'Eden In Atlantis', dissident scientist Lucifer was banished from Celestium in the great southern land for revealing secrets of fire to the common people. He was exiled to an island in the Atlantic, Atlantiha, where a matriarchal society ruled. Taking the name of Adam, he brought science to the island, by which he predicted a great catastrophe, a collision of Earth's two moons, that only he and Eva survived. Much later the population of Celestium were forced from their land by encroaching ice, and New Celestium was established on an ice-free southern island. Now two brothers. Poseidon and Zeus, with Hermes and Ares and full crew, are sailing north from New Celestium to find and colonise new territory in the great northern lands. The maps they use are ancient They were made by their ancestors in the time before 'the ice', are therefore now inaccurate and need to be redrawn. The brothers anchor at a mid-Atlantic island to re-supply, and discover that they are on Atlantiha, inhabited by descendants of Adam and Eva, and where a matriarchal society has been re-instated. Here Poseidon and Cleito fall in love, causing Poseidon to delay departure. A quarrel between the brothers ensues over this, and Poseidon decides to remain on Atlantiha. Half the crew remain with him while half sail on with Zeus, who laughingly abandons Poseidon to 'rule over the sea'. Poseidon and Cleito quarrel over the social patterns of life in Atlantiha where women can choose men as temporary partners, termed consorts, men have no rights of paternity, and same sex relationships abound. Hermes advises compromise so, despite disagreement, love prevails: Poseidon and Cleito resolve to 'embrace what unifies, and discard what divides'. Sailing north Zeus confesses to Ares that he feels regret parting from Poseidon, but must sail north to find new land. He predicts future conflict between the brothers' twin empires.


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Poseidon in Atlantis


PRELUDE: Intimations of a celebration, with dance music .

(The entire action takes place at a Meeting Place on a high bluff overlooking the bay that is divided into two areas, the Banquet Area and a Cupola higher up.)


A banquet of welcome is being held for the visitors at the Banquet Area of the Meeting Hall that opens to a public space, set on a high bluff looking out over the bay. Poseidon, Zeus, Hermes and Ares are seated apart from the crowd, observing. Nearby are seated Cleito and her advisors, Minussa, Shuhaza and Lilith. Some islander men and women are serving without distinction of status. Others are dancing and flirting with each other as they eat and drink. Among them are Hera, Miram and Tuara. Atal and Fortis observe the women's excitement. Some local men are dancing with each other. Among them are Shem, Nacal and Zenath. Some local women are dancing with each other .
ATAL: Fortis, I lose patience. I think neither of us shall
Have dance partners with any of the women tonight. FORTIS: Nor any night while the sailors stay on shore.
Unless you choose to dance with one of them. ATAL: That is not my inclination. But Zenath here
I think will do so if chance permits that pleasure. ZANATH: It is in hope of this that I wait alone here,
While Shem and Nacal dance only with each other.
Cleito is concerned that the women and the visiting sailors are too excited by each other's presence. Poseidon observes Cleito closely .
CLEITO: The women are displaying too much excitement. MINUSSA: It is to be expected. SHUHAZA: Some men are excited too. LILITH: That also is to be expected! CLEITO: Excitement among the men is of no import.
Excitement among the women concerns me.
They forget too easily the warnings we gave them
About exciting male passion. SHUHAZA: It is hard for them. So many of our own men
Have passion only for each other. MINUZZA: But the same applies also to our women. CLEITO: That is to be expected among we who rule
And take men only as consorts for as long as it suits us. LILITH: (teasing) And so, my lady, what plans do you have for our visitors?
I think the Lord Poseidon has some interest in you. CLEITO: Leaders do incline toward each other.
It is to be expected. SHUHAZA: Then expect more attention, my lady. Poseidon approaches.
Poseidon, having left his seat, approaches Cleito's group, beckoning Zeus, Hermes and Ares to follow him. During the following they sit with Cleito and Lilith. The musicians cease playing. The dancing ceases .
CLEITO: The musicians take timely rest. Minussa and Shuhaza,
Do you circulate and seek to moderate the behavior of all.
Lilith remain. LILITH: Gladly, and the more willingly since the Lord Hermes also joins us! CLEITO: Lilith, be moderate! POSEIDON: Fair Queen, our thanks for your generous welcome.
It seems my men, with some vigor, do enjoy their leave on shore. tab

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