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Men's Health A Head to Toe Guide for Clinicians

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.12.2015
  • Verlag: Springer-Verlag
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Men's Health

This book covers issues of men's health, including screening, diagnosis and management of common disorders and opportunities for prevention and health maintenance. Each chapter pertains to a component of the physical exam and/or organ system. Examples include appropriate survey and screening of the integument, the significance of buccal/dental integrity, tailoring cardiovascular remedies and balancing prostate cancer screening with quality of life. The book follows the methodical approach of a comprehensive wellness visit, including inventory of psychosocial factors, which significantly impact physical well-being. Justification for often overlooked topics in the review of systems, such as sexual history and satisfaction, relationship issues, and vocational fulfillment are provided. This book is written in the spirit of the rich bedside acumen and the art of healing, we must strive to protect. While informative and stimulating, this text serves to remind us of the specialized diagnostic tools we carry between our ears, and the power of healing we possess in our hands as well as the counsel and education we provide to our patients. Men's Health: A Head to Toe Guide for Clinicians serves as an important and readily accessible resource for primary care physicians, internists and fa mily doctors, physician's assistants and nurse practitioners who care for adult males. As a board certified family practitioner, who has practiced as an office based urologist for the past 20 years, Jeannette Potts has been impressed by the curiosity, motivation and stoicism of her patients. She has had the privilege to care for men from all parts of the world, and all walks of life, and through their lessons she has grown to respect the universal interplay of masculinity and vulnerability. Contrary to conventional wisdom promoting the underserved female or minority patient, she believes men are also in need of health advocacy and comprehensive care. Her intention is to produce an accessible primer to men's health for any healthcare provider who provides care to men.


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