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Timebomb The Global Epidemic of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis von Reichman, Lee B. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.09.2001
  • Verlag: McGraw-Hill
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",This is an excellent book. It should be read by all who are interested in any aspect of Tuberculosis, including the growing problem of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.", ",Journal of American Medical Association",The book serves an important function, relaying statistics and TB hot spots, proposing funding and international standardized treatments. Government officials, researchers and nonprofit health organizations will likely cast this as the authoritative book on the subject.", ",Publishers Weekly",Like other recent works on the threat of infectious diseases such as Laurie Garrett's ",The Coming Plague, Timebomb has the power of fiction and it is sometimes easy to forget that it is not. Unlike the Garrett book, which is more a collection of short dramatic stories collectively telling a big picture about our coexistence and evolution with microbes, Reichman selects one story and presents it in novel form with better material that most science fiction. The book is organized in a clear and riveting manner.Within the narrative style, the book is rich with up-to-the-minute details and references that add to its depth. An incredible account of politics and disease dynamics occurring at all levels, ",Timebomb helps us realize that controlling or eradicating TB is not just about science and facts, likely if it were, TB would have long been relegated to the history books.",-- ",Nature Medicine MagazineTuberculosis, supposedly defeated by antibiotics half a century ago, has returned in a highly contagious and fatal new form that cannot be treated with conventional drugs. Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), could cause some 10 million deaths over the next decade and is thriving in theovercrowded prisons of the former Soviet Union.As ",Timebomb explains in unnerving detail, the virtual collapse of the world's borders means that refugees, tourists, immigrants, business travelers, and others can spread the TB bacillus very efficiently. London, for example, has experienced a 100% increase in reported cases in the past 10 years. Written by the world's preeminent TB expert and an award-winning medical and health writer, ",Timebomb details the evolution and the current state of the MDR-TB epidemic, interweaving the science of MDR-TB with personal stories of people whose lives have been threatened by the deadly bacteria.


    Format: PDF
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    Erscheinungsdatum: 26.09.2001
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780071389723
    Verlag: McGraw-Hill
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