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'Who was Anton Wilhelm Amo?' - 'Remapping the Jungle' vs. 'Vom faulen Holze lebend'?! An attempt against forgetting and 'white'-washing, sad, racist '(a)e(sthe)tic(al)' texts of so called German 'prime fathers' et al. von Schilling, Georg (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 17.10.2009
  • Verlag: GRIN Publishing
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'Who was Anton Wilhelm Amo?' - 'Remapping the Jungle' vs. 'Vom faulen Holze lebend'?!

Document from the year 2009 in the subject Philosophy - Practical (Ethics, Aesthetics, Culture, Nature, Right, ...), University of Vienna (Institut für Rechtsphilosophie, Religions- und Kulturrecht), course: Wider das Vergessen! - Kritische Beiträge junger RechtswissenschafterInnen?, language: English, abstract: Karl LARENZ (jun) - a 'famous prime father' of German legal science (, as e.g. judge Prof Dr Thomas HOEREN put it in the - basically - highy-quality newspaper 'FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG'? Immanuel KANT - a 'world master' of thinking (, as e.g. GRABNER-HAIDER/WEINKE put it)? - E.g. WIMMER, FIRLA, HENTGES et al cast doubt on the 'mode' of presenting e.g. students (almost) 'semi-divine' (?) legal thinkers, often not even mentioning any of their pseudo-scientific research. Should holocaust-implications not at least cause a 'stir' (of critical re-thinking) the mode of presenting 'viri 'boni''?


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'Who was Anton Wilhelm Amo?' - 'Remapping the Jungle' vs. 'Vom faulen Holze lebend'?!

1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction with BERNHARD, KEHLMANN et al?

Who does not know the (even though that philosophers are often deemed to be mainly " theoretists ", nonetheless mainly positively [1] associated [and presented [2] ]?) name of "(Immanuel) KANT"? [3] Who has not heard of (or read [4] ) the name of "HEGEL" [5] (, probably also in combination [6] with FICHTE [7] )? Who has never heard e.g. of NEWTON [8] , of ROUSSEAU [9] , or VOLTAIRE [10] ? Who has not heard about the - so called ([time] period of the) - " Deutscher [11] Idealismus " [12] (, a context in which KANT ("der große Philosoph des dt Idealismus" [13] ) is also mentioned) [14] ? Who does not associate KANT [15] with "the" - so called ([time] period [16] of the) - (German [17] ) " Aufklärung " [18] (the - so called - " Age of Enlightenment " [19] ), (furthermore) the roots of the history of ideas of human rights ("geistesgeschichtliche Wurzeln der Menschenrechte" [20] ) or probably with the Austrian writer Thomas BERNHARD [21] ? [22]

But are these - de facto , (" bei lebensnaher Betrachtung "/according to "realistic reflection") - all (almost) "saints" [sic!], (almost) "holy", de facto (quite) " undisputable " (!) people, lacking [23] of (harsh) faults , (heavy) mistakes, [24] of ( strongly ) negative [25] , aspects to be criticised (, also during their time)? Was (and is) the so called "Enzyklopädie" [26] ( de facto , in a [certain] way?) "infallible"? Or - to say it clearly - are they "just" treated (!) as "saints" or "allmost saints"? [27] As people almost beyond from "another planet", without [28] reach to our questions, especially critical ("kritische" [29] ) , fact-bound ("sachliche" [30] ) questions ? And: do "we" also "know" "if" there are any [31] "dark aspects", any "sads" concerning their lives, their writings, their "thoughts"? [32] May KANT be mentioned as an "undisputable (!?) example" of a "philosopher", able to serve as a (role) model for others? And: Able to serve as a (role) model for other philosophers? And: able to serve as a (role) model for other human beings, to be precise (!): for all (!) human beings, regardless of what "skin" they have/had/will have ? Is KANT really "trustworthy" [33] ? Should we not ask more questions [34] with respect to KANT (or e.g. HEGEL) [35] ? Is KANT - undisputably (?) - the "Copernicus [sic!] of philosophy" [36] ?

Furthermore, from a Jewish [37] perspective, furthermore from a Jewish-Christian [38] perspective, one could ask: are these aspects of KANT and others not also worth to be mentioned? Dr. Markus HIMMELBAUER [39] , for instance, pointed out:

"Die Annäherung zwischen beiden Gemeinschaften in den letzten vier Jahrzehnten steht im Schatten einer Jahrhunderte langen Vorgeschichte." [40]

Dr. Markus HIMMELBAUER also uses the word " Schatten " (shadow), and this is also a word we shall draw our attention to. Or, as a tax consultant in an important Austrian

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