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Beloved ...by This They Will Know von Goss, Charles E. (eBook)

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Sex appeal, fleshly passion, pornographic imagery and fleshy desire: all these are media stimulation that constantly bombard and dampen the Light within us. If we are not conscious, our daily decisions will be rooted in works of the flesh. Eventually this leads to failure of destiny, broken relationships and lost hope. If you want to experience total transformation in your relationships and walk in the power of Agape Love, then Beloved is for you. Everything from renewing the mind, to positive intimacy with the opposite sex is discussed from a biblical view. Find out how to truly walk in the Mind of Christ in this modern world.


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The present mentality of most believers has unfortunately accepted the fact that a world where unconditional Love is purely given and experienced with others regardless of race, sex or creed is more utopia than something we should consider normal. While we acknowledge that walking in unconditional Love can be ideal, we also understand it presents a daring and complicated journey that most are not ready to add to an overflowing plate. As divorce rates rise, sex appeal sells, and casual eroticism becomes the socially accepted norm, we are subconsciously bombarded with schools of thought that run contrary to who we were created to be. In fact, modern culture can be so overwhelmingly convincing that even those created to be the Light in a dark world have begun to doubt the sanctity of the lifestyle of Love. We all deal with darkness and experience its effects on the decisions we make every day. Even a child raised in a faith based home from birth, will experience darkness either firsthand or vicariously through outlets of social media. No matter how pure our background or upbringing, we must be conscious to reprogram what we are experiencing on a daily basis. For when we are not conscious, the mind begins to subconsciously embrace everything we are experiencing around us as 'truth'. This truth is constructed by everything seen by our eyes, heard through our ears and includes fictional situations viewed in media, reality television shows and others experiences witnessed in the lives of our peers. Whether bad or good, these experiences all work together to shape our reality and they influence the decisions we make on our desired style of dress, how we communicate and ultimately determine how we handle personal interactions with the opposite sex. If we are not conscious to reprogram, our perception of what is true will slowly begin to mimic an increasingly sensual culture of influence. This culture measures 'good' by thoughts and feelings, or by how something or someone makes us feel. This type of secular thinking clearly runs opposite of the mind of Christ and the nature of unconditional Love. Has the salt of the earth lost its seasoning? When we face any circumstance with a secular mindset, walking in the Light of Christ becomes extremely difficult. We may honestly endeavor to walk upright and live in purity, but it is impossible to walk in true purity if the mind has not been consciously reprogrammed of what we are experiencing around us. Everything we allow on the computer screens of our mind creates a form of reality in our heart. So as we begin to embrace the reality of what we see around us as 'truth', quite frankly - we lose seasoning. We lose the ability to walk as the Light of Christ and experience the victory that everything His nature affords us. We are in essence exchanging what we are supposed to be - life, for what secular experience is offering - death. This is why many believers may walk out of the shadows of immorality, but continue to operate from an imbalanced mindset when it comes to Love, sexuality and depth of relationship with the opposite sex. As a renewed spirit the promiscuity of the past may no longer be desired at heart, but without conscious reprogramming of mind, any interaction with the opposite sex will be heavily influenced by the secular culture experienced every day. This culture embraces the erotic language of love that controls the nature of how the secular mind interacts with the opposite sex. This causes a mental struggle between what the recreated spirit desires - positive intimacy and influence, versus what culture consistently proposes as reality to the mind. Eventually through much prayer, fasting and sacrifice we may breakthrough cultural influence and find peace of mind. However, without conscious reprogramming, it will be extremely difficult since the battlefield of what the heart embraces as truth starts wit

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