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God I'm Busy Escape busyness and distractions to see God's awesome faithfulness von Bias, Alan (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.09.2011
  • Verlag: BookLand
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God I'm Busy

What if it were true that God has been very active in your life, intervening on your behalf, blessing you, and speaking to you, but you either didn't hear it or couldn't remember it? For the majority of you this is true. You need to be freed from something you didn't even know had you captive. The book, God I'm Busy, will show you that while you're capable of hearing and remembering your interactions with God, our busy, distracted, multi-tasking culture is usually preventing you from doing so. God I'm Busy, will free you from your 'busyness' and distractions and show you how to live a more focused life, a more fulfilling life, a life full of God's awesome faithfulness. You can be busy without being caught in busyness. Alan Bias not only gives you the keys to a richer life full of meaning but he gives you practical suggestions on how to record your journey along the way. Learn how chronicling will succeed where journaling failed. Alan knows that while a financial inheritance will be a huge blessing for your children, it will pale in comparison to your stories of victories and life lessons along the way. Get free, get focused, be successful and learn how to chronicle your success stories along your journey. Your stories matter because you matter.


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God I'm Busy

Chapter 1

So What's the Problem?

M any of us end up with a sour attitude and bitter outlook on life because we've been dragged through trial after trial in our struggle to live well and follow God. We're exhausted by unending and numerous demands that leave us in a wake of gnawing disappointments, blistering frustration, and even numbing depression. And yet, we must admit that we're still here! In every trial, somehow we managed to live and maybe, if we're honest, even tasted something sweet in that which seemed entirely bitter. We can come to realize that while our days may be indeed tender with pain and seasoned by struggle, they are sweetened by God's faithfulness.

However, for those who never recognize God's divine interactions, those brief and seemingly quiet communications, life will be poisoned with fear and bitter foreboding. But to those who savor God's persistent presence, who can recall and quietly reflect on those interactions, life will be sweet with the realization of His love and His faithfulness.

Can you honestly remember the last time you did not feel busy? My observations of the speed of life have led me to many conclusions, the least of which is that, as participants in this culture of busyness, we have far more to lose in the way of opportunities and moments than we could ever possibly hope to gain. And the things we stand to lose will not so much be lost as they will be missed as we go rushing by.

One man I met, the most unlikely person to be trapped in this gray swirl of busyness, showed me just how far reaching is this phenomenon of high speed life. On this particular day, I had planned to use my charge card at the grocery store and, therefore, was carrying not one bit of change when a homeless man standing by the front entrance approached me. Whether he expected an explanation or not as to why my pockets were empty, I offered one anyway. Then I proceeded to try and chat with him, inquiring as to his situation and how long he'd been on the streets.

Clearly agitated at my uninvited attempt at conversation, the man basically said, "Look, either give me some money or not because I gotta go!" I was standing there thinking about what he had said and I just had to ask, "Where? Where do you gotta go? You're homeless. How can you be busy?" The man explained that a church across town would be serving up dinner in about an hour and a half and he hoped for at least fifteen minutes more of pan handling time before starting the hour walk it would take him to get there. He was busy and he had every upcoming minute accounted for. I let him finish and then I made him an offer. I told him I would take him home, cook him dinner, and talk to him about how he could improve his situation.

He agreed so I took the man to my home, cooked him dinner, and grilled a couple of burgers for him to take on the road. He said his name was Thomas. I talked to Thomas about taking the first morning bus over to a transitional housing program. I offered to let him stay for the night to ensure he'd go but he chose, instead, to return to the grocery store so he could catch the bus first thing in the morning from there. After dinner, I drove him behind the grocery store and helped him stack and arrange some wooden pallets where there was a little space in the middle that wasn't visible from the outside. When we finished, he crawled right up in it and prepared to go to sleep, promising he'd make it over to the housing program.

A couple of days passed and I received an email from Thomas. Thankfully, he had been accepted into the program and had an email address as well as a physical address. In his email he invited me to attend church with him that coming weekend.

It was really amazing to

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