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Wounded By Christianity Healed By God von El, Neteira Anu (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.07.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Wounded By Christianity

The book is about the life of a woman who was born with spiritual gifts. Her gifts weren't accepted by the Christian community. She was forced into a web of feelings that held her hostage for many years. She was told by her pastor, friends and family that GOD didn't create her this way. They told her she had the work of the devil in her. This book explains her walk through Christianity and her cry to GOD. You will read about the beautiful life changing conversations she had with GOD. A depiction of how GOD showed up and healed her.


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Wounded By Christianity

Chapter 2 Ascending Master

One of the most profound moments of my life is sitting on the mountain top with my ascending master. I got the message from my spirit s to go visit my uncle (my ascending master teacher) they said he had something to give me and I was not to leave until I received it. This message alarmed me. I felt like Jacob the guy in the bible who tricked his father into believing he was Esau to steal the blessings of his brother . This is the story where Jacob presented himself to his father as if he was his Esau . He did that so his father would give him his brothers blessing. He walked in to see his father bringing dinner as his father had instructed Esau to do and sure enough his father thought he was Esau and gavef Jacob Esau's blessing. When the son that he intended to bless came to visit him he learned that he had blessed the wrong son.

That's what that moment felt like to me. Why? My uncle had two of his own children and I didn't want to take from them. However the spirit was very adamant about me going and doing this. So I made plans to go visit.

Soon after this message I got word my uncle was sick. He was hospitalized and of course I rushed to see him. My mother and I drove ten hours for a trip that normally takes us twelve hours. When visiting I always stayed at my grandmother's house and slept in my uncle's old room there. We a rrived there around 9:00pm, once we were settled in I went to his old room and laid down . I wanted to be well rested for the visit with him I'd have in the morning.

As soon as I walked in his room it felt like I walked into a different time zone. It felt like I stepped into the future, it was weird and I really didn't know what was going on so I just kind of shook it off and laid down. When I closed my eyes I stepped into another time or dimension and I know that sounds crazy but th at's what it felt like. My eyes were closed but things were playing out as if they were real and happening in the future. I saw some of the most gorgeous people fill my grandmother's yard. In this space I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. I'm laying down eyes still closed yet I'm looking out the window. I saw limousines lined up from the driveway all the way down the streets. African drums were playing, the birds and the bees were singing in harmony with the sounds of the drums. The wind blew the trees to the sounds of the beats. The doors opened and the tall dark and handsome men got out, each walked over to the other side of the car and opened the doors for these beautiful woman. They stretched out their hands to help them out of the limos. Each o f their legs stepped out as the men grabbed their hands. It was eloquent.

They all were draped in colorful African attire; their heads were covered with exquisite linin and they all were adorned in the finest jewelry. They had beaded shawls draped in diamonds and pearls . Their necks, wrists and ankles covered in the purest of pure gold. I had never seen gold shine like this before. There were so many of them the y lined the street to my grandmother's house . They filled the yard, t hey all just stood and looked at the house without anyone ever knocking on the door, and although it looked as if they wanted to they didn't . It felt like they were coming to get someone but they would not knock because whoever it was they were looking for had to come out on their own. All of this was happening as the drums played like praise.

As they stood there it felt like they were coming to get a member of their tribe. I remember saying to myself, wow. Whoever they are here to see must be important. They never left and I watched them all night until I feel a

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