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Electric Ancient Egyptians Penetrating the Atom With Electrified Sperm von Brown, James Ernest (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.07.2015
  • Verlag: Ancient Energy Research Center
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Electric Ancient Egyptians

The first of three volumes that are a radical re-visioning of ancient Egyptian art and symbolism. James E Brow . He is a practical thinker and at each step along the way of the journey of research that led to the Electric Ancient Egyptians he insisted that the evidence he uncovered had to make sense. His interest in Egypt began in 1978 and he has traveled there photographing and documenting physical evidence to support his ground-breaking hypotheses.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.07.2015
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Electric Ancient Egyptians

CHAPTER 1 I believe our eyes reveal the truth of what we see. What we see is the same no matter what language we speak, no matter how old or how young we are, and no matter what time in history we were born. What we see are shapes of things that are recognizable, and though we may have different names for the shapes, the shapes themselves do not change. I believe they are showing us that the eyes are the way to understand what we see, and that we must work with the shape of things. I think the Eye of Horus, widely seen throughout ancient and modern Egypt, is the key to unlocking the ancient picture language. The colorful drawings and carved reliefs are instructions how to accomplish something. I understand that our subconscious only sees things as symbols or pictures in our mind. What you will be seeing in the pages that follow is what I believe the pictures and drawings are telling us. I have studied ancient hieroglyphics, and there is a lot of controversy about what they actually mean. The trick to understanding Egyptian picture writing is to know what the various shapes and images mean. I believe we are being shown the combinations of energy fields. Under the right circumstances, with the right elements, and at the right time, atomic structure can be manipulated. These prescribed rituals that control subatomic particles have been misunderstood, in that the male human body was the source of the magic ingredient, electrified sperm. Statues, drawings, and carved reliefs, larger than life size, with gods standing with erect penises, were carved in temples and columns throughout ancient Egypt. At the time period in ancient Egypt when I believe these procedures were practiced, it was common knowledge that the pharaohs had special gifts and powers. The naked body was frequently depicted and there was no shame or embarrassment. The pharaohs were kings and the earthy representation of the god Horus. The male erection was seen as the ultimate source of power. It was a visible part of the male body, giving evidence that the pharaoh was about to ejaculate the precious life-giving and fertilizing sperm. When his sperm was enhanced with additional electrical charges, the pharaoh became all-powerful because he could create a transforming substance and manipulate atomic structure. However, I do not think all interpretations of ancient Egyptian texts or hieroglyphics are incorrect. Sometimes the explanations do not make common sense, however in the very elaborate way they are explained, there is a small piece of truth. For example, the Egyptian Ankh, commonly known as the "sign of life," I believe is a symbol of male sperm. Life and sperm can be used in the same sentence. When you explore the interpretations of modern scholars, they don't make sense; the words don't go together and seem out of context. The hieroglyph for the Egyptian Ankh is composed of three signs. The first represents a "sandal knot" and contains three consonants. The second sign depicts a fluid and the phonetic sound of "n." The third sign is a "striped circle," originally designating a placenta. There is a liquid and a placenta, part of the reproductive system, and from that came the interpretation of the ankh, "sign of life." The individual components of the interpretation could be understood as sperm. No # 1 We use photographs to record all kinds of events and objects-weddings, funerals and every day activities. The photos give us the ability to see the exact same event repeatedly without forgetting details. I believe the picture writing of the ancient Egyptians is like our photography. No # 2 There are seven different explanations for the Eye Of Horus, which indicates that no one has determined what it actually means. It has been translated to mean many things. I believe the sym

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